A Bad Day Turned Good

My day started terribly.

I worked the night shift last night – and it was hellish. I can’t even begin to explain it.

I made a concerted efort to get out on time because I wanted to get home, shower, and meet Husband before our very first appointment with our fertility specialist, but the traffic on the way home was awful. I was sitting in the car getting more and more stressed.  I can truly say I have now experienced road rage!

On my way home Husband rang to try to coordinate our meet-up, but my phone malfunctioned. I almost threw the damn thing out the window.

I managed to get home, shower and change, and have a quick cuddle with H to try to calm down before heading back into the terrible traffic.

In the end we made it to our 10.00 appointment at 9.59 and 30 seconds. This felt pretty late to me… I get stressed out if I’m not running 15 minutes early. What can I say? I think punctuality is important. Oh yeah, I’m anal. Tell me something I don’t know.

I’m sure I could have coped with any or all of these problems much better if I hadn’t already been a bit anxious/excited/terrified about the looming appointment. Mostly I just really, really wanted to like and trust our doctor.

And the verdict is: I like him! And just as importantly so does H. I’ll go into the reasons I felt comfortable with him in another post.

Most importantly – we have a PLAN! I like plans. In fact, my sanity depends on them. I usually like my plans in the form of an Excel spread sheet, but hey, I try to be realistic.

Our Plan:

Today I had my prenatal bloods. Results in the next few days.

Next week H gets to spend some romantic time with a sample jar. I hope I won’t get jealous.

The following week I have my HSG to make sure my tubes are patent.

And then 4 cycles of Provera and Clomid!

If we haven’t conceived by then I will have a laparoscopy to look for any other problems.

I love our plan! In fact I love it so much that instead of getting some sleep before work tonight I went out and bought divider tabs, a calendar and a stylish folder in which to keep all our fertility related documents. Once I get it organised I might even post a photo of it. (Yes, I know… I’m anal.)

But mostly, it just feels good to finally be doing something.

♥ I.O.



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3 responses to “A Bad Day Turned Good

  1. LOVE that you have a plan – and special folders!

  2. Al

    Having a plan relieves so much of the stress, I think. You’re not just stuck by yourself you always have next month to look forward to for one reason or another.

    I wish I was that organized to make a calendar and a folder for all things IF…good for you!

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