Oh my god…

A thought just occurred to me. The brief but intense pain during my US today was caused by the catheter causing my cervix to dilate just a tad as it was passed into my uterus.

Um, if a 2mm catheter causes that much pain… how terrible must labour be?




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3 responses to “Realisation

  1. Al

    Oy. good point! I really hope we both get to find out though…it will be so worth it!

  2. Zuly

    I hope you are feeling better. I had a similar procedure done and it was very very painful well so painful that I fained =( but Im a chicken for pain. I hope you can start your pills soon =)

  3. i’ve thought of that…however, people go on to have many children so the pain must eventually be forgetable -and of course- so worth it!