Phone Tag

On Monday at about 11pm I checked my phone and saw a missed call. I listened to the voicemail message before going to bed, and I have to say it made me a tad nervous.

The call was from my Endocrinologist, who monitors my pituitary adenoma, asking me to call him back. This in itself didn’t make me nervous. I was nervous because the call was made at 8:30 in the evening. Who calls a patient at 8:30PM unless it’s really important?

I haven’t seen my specialist since I got the results of my MRI scan in February. I was in contact with him a few times in the first half of this year but during the past six months I have honestly almost forgotten that the adenoma exists. I only think about it when someone else brings it up.

So an out-of-the-blue, 8:30 pm phone call from my specialist asking me to call him back, not long after our first appointment to see our FS… well, that did make me nervous.

In the last few weeks I have been planning to email my Endocrinologist myself because I know I’m due for a repeat MRI next month, and I need to get a request slip. I was hoping that my doctor had a fabulous memory (or a fabulous administrative assistant!) and he was calling for the same reason. But something that simple just didn’t seem to warrant a phone call that late in the evening, and I was worried that he had received the letter and test results from our FS and was calling to tell me something that would have implications for our fertility treatment. I was worried that just as we are on the precipice of some genuine baby-making activity, just as our hopes were lifting, something would come along to delay it all.

A restless night was followed by two days of playing my least favourite game: phone tag.  Luckily I have his cell phone number otherwise it would have been a very one-sided game!

Eventually I was able to speak to him. He had received the letter from our FS and on reviewing his notes saw that he didn’t have any recent PRL blood test results on his system. I reassured him that my most recent one was roughly four months ago and had been normal. He agreed to send me out a request form for the MRI and for a repeat blood test so he has the result in his records.

How simple was that?!

Now comes the hard part… trying to book an MRI at a time that won’t interfere with TTC. The contrast used isn’t safe in pregnancy so I need to try to time the MRI to occur on CD 1 – 10, or after a BFN. A bit tough to predict since I haven’t even started my first cycle! The waiting time for an MRI can be a bit long too… but if I get a BFP before I can get the MRI – too bad! TTC comes first, and that piddly little tumour can just suck it up!



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3 responses to “Phone Tag

  1. Al

    I’m glad everything is okay. I’m very surprised that the doc called and so late! That would freak me out too.

    Scheduling SUCKS with TTC – hope you get pregnant on your first go and the MRI will just have to wait :-).

    • It really does make organising anything so much more difficult, doesn’t it? And even when it’s not medical appointments there are days you don’t feel up to doing anything because of side-effects or a bad mood!

  2. Timing ANYTHING while TTC is so hard. You’re right, the baby making comes first (unless of course your health will suffer-which wouldn’t be good for anyone). Glad the message wasn’t about anything scary.