Day 5 of 10

I have taken 5 of my 10 Provera tablets.

On some TTC blogs I have read stories from women who had a terrible time with side effects from Provera, and I have been taking my tablets right before bed to try to minimise that.

Luckily so far I seem to have escaped any side effects except perhaps for some lovely teenage pimples! But I know that side effects could be just around the corner…



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4 responses to “Day 5 of 10

  1. I never really had any side effects from it– hope you won’t either!!

  2. I’m so glad you’re not having trouble with Provera – I had the worst time…If you want a laugh you can read my post in October called: It Wasn’t a Dream or a Movie. Good luck with finishing the meds!

  3. Al

    Hope you stay side effect free and the provera does its job!