Get the Party Started

I had my last Provera on Wednesday night, and I’m waiting for CD1.

I escaped without any real side effects, although on Friday and Saturday I had shocking headaches which I think was due to stopping the Provera. I used to get similar headaches during the days before my period when I was on the pill.

Aside from that, and perhaps a slightly achey, bloated tummy (which is truthfully probably due to the multitude of Christmas functions over the past two weeks) I have spotted no sign of a pending CD1 yet though… and I’m SOOO impatient for it to arrive so I can take my Clomid and get this party started!



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5 responses to “Get the Party Started

  1. Al

    Glad you’ve been relatively side effect free .. Hope AF hurries up and gets here so you can get your first assisted cycle started. The waiting is so annoying..

  2. I hope that AF comes soon for you! Mine took about 5 days after the last pill for AF to arrive.

    I’m hoping I’ll get the green light to start taking mine tomorrow after I get my progesterone bloodwork done. No ovulation with the 50mg of Clomid, so I’m ready to start Round 2 with 100mg!!

  3. waiting to get started was always the most frustrating part for me… actually waiting for anything, it always seemend you were waiting for something when you’re cycling! I hope AF shows soon for you and you can get underway.

    best of luck for this clomid cycle


  4. I was soooo impatient for AF to come after my most recent tango with Provera. Most times it shows up within 2 days–this time it took 5! Hope she’s there with you now. 🙂

    • Tio

      Not yet. My instructions are to wait until Wednesday (that will be 2 weeks after my last Provera), take a HPT, and if it’s negative go on the pill for 10 days. Sigh.