Getting Down To Business

Today is CD10. As instructed by our doc we are to have sex every second day between CD10 and CD20. I don’t think we’ll have any difficulty following these instructions!

I’m not taking my temperatures, but I am going to use daily OPKs. I’m quite excited about breaking out my huge stash of sticks to pee on. When we first started TTC I was using OPKs but for a few reasons it’s been quite a while since I’ve used one.

Firstly, with such long cycles I was using so many tests that the pharmacy-bought ones didn’t seem like value-for-money. A friend recommended an online shop in the US to buy bulk OPKs and HPTs from, so now I have a shoebox full!

Secondly, it soon became clear that I wasn’t ovulating, so taking the OPKs and HPTs seemed pretty pointless.

Finally, similar to the sense of disappointment that comes with a negative HPT, I used to feel quite low after a negative OPK. Instead of the sense of excitment I used to experience, I just felt hopeless. It got to the point where it was impacting on my libido. What’s the point of having sex if I knew I wasn’t ovulating?

It’s different this time. I just took a OPK and it’s pretty clearly negative.


Strangley, I’m quite pleased about it. I didn’t expect a positive result on CD10, and I’m quite relieved to have seen a clear negative. When I took the OPKs previously, the results were always equivocable – I guess this is because my hormones were a bit wacky. The test line was always just about as dark as the control line, in fact so close that it was really hard to distinguish a difference, which meant that it was really hard to tell if it was a negative or a positive.

Now, with a clear negative today, I have a really good benchmark to compare future tests to.

So now it’s time to get down to business, as per doctor’s orders!



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8 responses to “Getting Down To Business

  1. Wahoooo! Go jump DH!

    I hate trying to read OPKs… I finally switched to digitals so that I don’t have to interpret the results– smiley face means I’m ovulating and circle means I’m not.

    I had the same problem as you– with 50-60 day cycles, I was spending a TON of money. Now that I’m on Clomid, I only have to test CD10-CD17.

    Good luck!!!

  2. Jin

    Glad you found a place where you can get them cheaper – I go throught at least 5-8 each cycle and I don’t want to know how much that would cost if I had to get them from the pharmacy.

    I have gotten some that are so close it’s hard to tell some months, but I use other signs to verify, plus I get O pains. My rule is if it’s too close to tell, consider it a positive, but keep having sex until a temp rise or cm change. If it gets funky you can always go digital.

    Good luck!

  3. I “hate” it when the docs “require you to have sex! What a shame it is??!?!?!
    Get busy!!!

  4. Have fun bd-ing!!! I hate the OPK too…I seriously wasted so much money on them only to find they gave me false positives casue my LH levels were all a mess. Glad this is a fresh new start for you!!!

  5. Red

    Glad things seem more ‘normal’ this cycle.

    Good for you guys that you have no problems bd-ing on schedule. I had to all but drag Cowboy to bed when he knew it was ‘baby making’ sex not ‘normal’ sex. Men!

  6. I used those exact same OPKs for the exact same reason as you are using them when we were trying to get pregnant with the boys. Seriously, when you could ovulate any time between CD13 and CD40 or so, there is no way you can afford to test for that with drug store kits. I hope the rest of your cycle is just as pleasing as this test was.

  7. P.S. – My husband is the photographer. Unless he is in the picture, he probably took it.