Fog Horns and Machine Guns

I had my MRI today, and boy I’d forgotten just how loud it is inside that machine. They give you earphones – which don’t seem to make much difference, and they play music – which you can’t hear over the noise! First of all there’s this sound which is rather like a foghorn, except it’s so loud that it almost seems like it’s coming from inside your head. And then something which sounds like the world’s largest electric drill. Those two sounds alternate for a while, and then after they inject the contrast into your drip the real fun starts: the machine gun. This is so loud that the whole machine vibrates. The machine gun goes on for a while, and then you get to enjoy a symphony of horn, drill, and gun. I’m surprised my ears weren’t ringing by the time the scan finished 20 minutes later. It’s got to be worse for your ears than standing front row at a rock concert.

So what’s the worst part of the whole experience: the noise, the claustrophobia, the needles, the $500 bill at the end? Nope. The worst part is the tape they use to hold the cannula in place. My skin really doesn’t agree with it.

H and I went to get sushi for lunch after my scan, and on the way there I told him that I don’t think this cycle of Clomid will work. I’m not sure why but all of a sudden I just had a really strong feeling that I’m not going to ovulate this cycle. I wasn’t feeling particularly morose about it, and I was quite matter-of-fact. I talked about the possibility of increasing the dose of Clomid next cycle and other positive things like that.

For some reason H and I are both utterly exhausted today. We could barely keep our eyes open while we ate. After lunch we came home and had a nap. However before we feel asleep we found enough energy to ‘follow doctor’s orders’. And after I woke up an hour and a half later, I went to POAS and this happened:


Which just goes to prove that I am crap at predicting the future.



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8 responses to “Fog Horns and Machine Guns

  1. Secret Sloper

    Wow. I’ve never had an MRI, so I didn’t realize how loud they are. They’re always so quiet in the movies.

    And yay on the surge! This loks like good news.

  2. Hooray for your surge! And hooray for following doctor’s orders!

  3. Al

    Hooray for an LH surge! Yea!

    The MRI sound horrible and uncomfortable…I’m glad I’ve never had one.

  4. Holy crap that’s a dark line!!!! Definitely a positive opk. Yay Clomid & Congrats!!!
    Make sure you and DH “follow doctor’s orders” again tomorrow, just to be sure!

  5. Red

    Yay for the surge. Hope this cycle is a good one!

  6. walter olszewski

    I just had an mri on thursday and it was awful. I have had them before as I am 71 years of age and they NEVER SOUNDED THIS BAD!.I know they are loud but never have I heard Fog Horn sounds blarring in my ears and that sound just cant be an approved decibal rating for this proceedure.

    I still have a headache and my ears hurt!.. The nurse was not a good nurse either as in checking the internet I find they are to make sure you have your ear plugs in correctly and she did NOTHING TO CHECK ON HOW I inserted them.

    How do they allow this loud of a noise? The nurse said this was a new machine and they are louder than the old one?????