I’m Not Freud, But…

This 2WW is going so slowly. I’m only half-way there; how on earth am I going to survive another week?

All the waiting is clearly playing with my mind. I had a dream last night that my period started, and I was – of course – upset. But even in my dream I was trying to convince myself that it was implantation bleeding. Is this a sign that this cycle will be unsuccessful?

Of course, I also dreamt that I was taking a horseback tour through France but my horse had a sore leg so instead of me riding him, I was carrying him around on my back. And despite being a French horse he spoke perfect English.

So maybe I shouldn’t read too much into my dreams after all.



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6 responses to “I’m Not Freud, But…

  1. Secret Sloper

    I had TWO dreams that I was pregnant the cycle I got my BFP. Of course I totally believe they predicted the pregnancy (and since they were both before I ovulated, it wasn’t my subconscious picking up on hormone shifts or something).

    None of the dreams ended in a miscarriage, though, so clearly the radar was on the fritz.

  2. JC

    WOW carrying a horse on your back, that’s pretty crazy! I’ve had pretty messed up dreams too with IF, ohh the perks, haha.

    • Tio

      Yeah. Luckily through the magic of dreams, the horse was considerably smaller while it was riding on my back than it was while I was riding on his back!

  3. The tww always contained crazy dreams for me, I really hope the rest of the wait flies for you.

  4. Uggh, the wait is AWFUL. Hang in there!!

  5. I’ve had the craziest dreams ever since we met with the new RE in December – I think the stress and hormones of all of this is just too much!