Stef, this one is for you….

It seems like I’m not the only impatient one around here!

To save Stef over at Baby Blakely too much more angst, I’ve logged in to give you a quick update.

As of waking up this morning, my period has not arrived, although yesterday I felt sure it was just around the corner. I dutifully peed on a stick and got one lonely little line.  I ‘celebrated’ by having a cup of coffee on my way to work this morning.

I feel fine. I was honestly expecting a negative test, so much so that I had a couple of glasses of wine on Saturday night (which went straight to my head – I’m very out of practice at drinking alcohol!).

I expect to be starting my second round of Clomid on Wednesday, or Thursday at a push. I feel positive. To be honest, this part is much easier for me than the 2WW was – I almost lost my mind during that time. I just can’t handle the stagnation, the feeling of helplessness. I feel much better when I can do something proactive, even if it is only popping one tiny pill every night.

The good news is that I’m pretty sure I ovulated on only 50mg of Clomid, and I didn’t get many troubling side effects. It’s hard to complain about a result like that. I should be getting the results of my Progesterone level back today to confirm that I did ovulate.

I spoke to my Mum on the phone last night. She lives overseas. Rather, I live overseas, she lives in our native country. Next month or early March she will either be coming to visit for the weekend or I’ll go home to see her. She wants us to go through some of my baby items that she saved and select something for me to keep at home to give to our baby when it arrives. She is so excited. Isn’t this a lovely idea? Even though I’m her youngest child this will be her first grandchild.

Okay girls, I hope this update has done it’s job! I’ll let you know once I get my Progesterone level back.

Have a happy Monday!



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4 responses to “Stef, this one is for you….

  1. I’m the worst, aren’t I?

    Boo for the BFN, but yay for Clomid Round 2! It’s so great that you ovulated on only 50mg– I think your BFP is right around the corner. I know exactly how you feel– when you are sure that a cycle didn’t work, you just want to move on and try again. (Of course, I was convinced it hadn’t worked, but I was wrong!) Hang in there, hon– thinking about you!!

  2. JC

    Ahh, boo for the BFN is right. But I’m glad you are ready for the 2nd cycle to get started, that’s good. Wishing you tons of luck with this next cycle!

  3. Al

    Man, I’m so sorry for the BFN. But Stef’s right ovulating on just 50 mg of clomid is FANTASTIC and you’re well on your way to a BFP. I have high hopes for your next cycle 🙂