I choose to call it Focus rather than Obsession

Today on my OPK I saw that second faint line and was greatly relieved. Thank you for your comments which reassured me that it isn’t all that unusual to only get one line.

Now that this small issue has been resolved, I have started focussing on another, also small, issue (and yes, I think of it as dedicated focus rather than obsessing!). I have to do something to keep myself occupied, after all.

Now that I am a “charter” I was reading some of the information on Fertility Friend about temperature changes at ovulation. My temps seem to be pretty erratic, and I was wondering how FF would be able to identify a true temperature shift in the midst of such a mess. FF kindly informed me that after ovulation my temps should rise by about 0.2 degress celsius. And herein lies the rub. My temp has been varying by more than 0.5 degrees since I started temping, so any temp rise will be obscured by the background changes.


So…. am I doing it wrong? No, I don’t think so. I’m waking at at the same time every day, I take my temp before even turning on the light, and all other conditions are consistent. And that leaves me wondering… do I need to buy a new thermometer?

I haven’t been looking at other charts to see what the usual spread of temps is, because, well that seems to cross the line between focus and obsession.

After thinking about it a little today, I have decided that I will continue doing what I’m doing for the remainder of this cycle. If my CD23 bloods confirm that I ovulated but my temps were too erratic to pinpoint ovulation on my chart (and assuming I get a BFN) I will buy a new thermometer for next time. Any excuse for a shopping trip, right?



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5 responses to “I choose to call it Focus rather than Obsession

  1. I hear you – my one and only cycle that I charted, there was no real temperature increase, I didn’t have the patience to continue – though I am sure that you will 🙂 Good luck!!!

  2. Jin

    My temps are usually all over the place at the beginning of each cycle. So sometimes I don’t bother temping while AF is here (and while taking clomid because it raises the temps as well). It’ll even itself out – which is what yours looks like it’s doing since cd 7. You’ll notice the temp shift after a few days (usually 3) of high temps. I’ve got a link to my current chart under the timeline tab and somewhere I’ve got charts from the rest of the cycles. But yours looks fine, keep charting! You have to do it longer than one cycle to get the hang of it.

  3. So, I have only ovulated ONCE, so I don’t have a ton of insight to give. 🙂 BUT, that one time, my temps were allover the place (like Jin’s) at the beginning of the cycle and then there was magically a subtle trend toward higher temps. I didn’t tell FF I took an HcG trigger, but it place ovulation the day after I triggered, so they did their jobs (FF, and the trigger). I have a love/hate with charting. So much of this process is out of my control, it gives me one thing to “do” every day (even on an annoying break month!) so, for me, it works. If that makes any sense.

  4. I, too, don’t chart during AF, and my temps are erratic, but they usually even out a little a few days before I ovulate (when I actually ovulate, that is — anovulatory cycles remain erratic all the way through). I also recently discovered that I get more consistent results (not affected by having had my mouth open or something) by taking my temp vaginally. If you’re not too squeamish about that (and have a thermometer you can dedicate to just BBTs) that might help you get more accurate results.

  5. JC

    I gave up on charting b/c my temps never looked like what they were supposed to look like. You could tell when I ovulated but before and after was just up and down, not a steady low before then steady high after O’ing. And my acupuncture Dr kept saying they should look one way and mine were all erratic. It got frustrating and I took a break from it in October and haven’t started again. =)