Confused, Still…

I have no idea what is going on. My CM is getting less fertile, and when I look at my temps during the last few days I can almost see an ovulation dip followed by an increase in temps – but still no change on the OPKs! Obviously I need a few days’ more data to really know what is happening… and I really hope that it isn’t an ovulation dip I see because that was right in the middle of our ‘dry patch’ due to H’s trip. Today my lower tummy is feeling even more uncomfortable than yesterday – not enough to really bother me, but it is very noticeable – which means that it is very difficult to put all this stuff out of my head.

Fingers crossed for a positive OPK tomorrow so I can stop worrying!



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3 responses to “Confused, Still…

  1. Jin

    Here’s to a postive opk!

  2. Yuck. Fingers crossed for you tomorrow!!!

  3. JC

    Hoping for a + opk tomorrow!!!