Well this is getting ridiculous…

What. The. Hell.


I could not be any more confused.

I still have fertile CM, but it is definitely less fertile than a few days ago. (So I guess it’s fertile-ish CM). I still have this weird pain which I attribute to my right ovary – if anything this is worse than yesterday. And my OPKs have changed… but not in a way that makes much sense. Yesterday afternoon and at lunch time today I got equivocal OPK results – with the test line being just about, so-close-it’s-hard-to-tell, almost, nearly as dark as the control. They look just like they did in my anovulatary cycles, but noticeably different to both my OPKs earlier this cycle and my brilliantly positive OPK last cycle. And my temps… they are just a frickin’ disaster.

So I repeat.. what the hell?

I can’t make sense of this. I entered the OPKs as positive on FF because lines of equal darkness are technically a sign of a LH surge, but truthfully I’m not convinced. Obviously I am just going to have to wait and see. I read somewhere today that OPKs aren’t very reliable for women with PCOS. Have any of you well-read and well-informed ladies heard of this phenomenon?



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6 responses to “Well this is getting ridiculous…

  1. Oh gosh – it sounds very confusing. I hope you can get it all figured out – i guess bloodwork and scanning might be the only way to confirm things. I hope your OPKs are right and you are ovulating. Wishing you the best of luck and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Al

    So frustrating. I used the digital OPKs because I could never tell if the line was darker or not….I loved that it just gave me a smiley face and I didn’t have to play the well maybe it’s darker…maybe not…I can’t tell.

    The temps are confusing…I only charted a few months so I don’t have any great feedback as to what’s going on. FX that they start going up…

    Have a great weekend, TIO!

  3. I’m thinking you’ll get a temp spike in the next few days. Those OPKs sound like they’re positive!! But to be honest, I have never seen an OPK line anywhere close to as dark as the control, so I’m not an expert.

  4. JC

    The OPKs you described sound positive to me. As for the temping…that is why I quit temping. Too frustrating for me and it just added to the frustration of IF. Have a good weekend!!!

  5. i don’t know much about temp charting, but i do know that OPK are practically useless with people with PCOS (wish i knew that BEFORE spending $$$$ on them). Anyway – for me, I would get positive results on the OPK only to find out I didn’t really ovulate. Women with PCOS have their LH and FSH ratios backwards. So I’d get an LH surge, but my FSH never got high enough first in order to grow a big enough follicle. FINALLY my RE told me to forget about the kits…I have to come in for monitoring to know for sure what’s going on.

    Good luck!

  6. Those are some wonky temps, and I had no idea OPKs didn’t work on PCOS people!