Cloud Nine

First things first, I need to say a big, heart-felt thank you to you all for your warm wishes and congratulations! It feels so wonderful to have so much support from such a great group of women. I want you all to know that it means a great deal to me. So thank you!

Secondly, I’ll answer a few questions and give you a few more details.

Stef, no I don’t need to go back to my FS. I imagine if we’d had IVF he would maintain care for a little longer, but in my case I’m just a regular pregnant lady so I go straight to an O&G (when I find one!). I managed to get a GP appointment this afternoon due to a cancellation, so I will get a blood βhCG done today and get the names of a couple of docs to contact.

We’ve had a couple of long chats about when to tell people. H doesn’t think I’ll be able to hold out until 12 weeks, and I kinda agree. I think our friends will start suspecting before we get that far, and I’m a truly awful liar, so if someone asks me directly I don’t know what I’ll say! So we’re going to delay making a decision about that this week, and H is going to coach me in the skills of deceit. I’m going home to visit my mother next week, so I will tell her then. It will be so much more fun to do it in person! She knows that we’ve been seeing a FS and made me promise not to keep her in the dark once we got pregnant. I’m sure she’ll forgive me for 8 days of secrecy though! We won’t tell any other family at that point. Once I get back from my trip we’ll have another talk about when we want to tell people. My father and brother are visiting us in late March so we’ll probably tell them at that time (again because it is so much more fun to do in person) and at that point will tell my other brothers and H’s family. My one friend who is also TTC already knows (I had to tell someone!) and once I’ve told my mother I’ll also tell my dearest friend, who lives interstate. I’m not brave enough to tell her before that because her mother is my mother’s best friend and I would hate it if somehow the news leaked before I’m able to tell mum myself. Our other friends we’ll tell… at some point. I won’t tell work until I’m 12 weeks. Complicated, much?

Yesterday was a great day. I was on cloud nice, as Egg put it. I started off getting a long-overdue hair cut. Then I went to the book store and bought “What to Expect” plus a name book (it’s a bit early I know, but I couldn’t help myself) as well as five Jane Austen books. She’s my favourite author and this set was beautifully presented and once again I just couldn’t help myself. Because I spent quite a bit (ahem, $150) I got a free coffee (or chai latte in my case) and sat in the cafe reading some of Mansfield Park. It was bliss. Unfortunately this ate into my toe nail painting time, so they’re still not done (but don’t worry Courtney, I will do them today!).

When I got home I cooked a celebratory feast for H. I made roast lamb with ratatouille-stuffed roast peppers and roasted potatoes. It was divine, if I do say so myself. And then we had frozen yoghurt with banana and strawberries for dessert.




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7 responses to “Cloud Nine

  1. Al

    Congrats, congrats again, TIO! So happy for you and happy to hear you’re on cloud nine.

    I’m a terrible liar too…good luck keeping your secret quiet for the next few weeks! Hope the hub’s lesson in deceit helps.

    And your dinner looks AMAZING! Yumm.

  2. We haven’t told anyone besides family and two friends yet, and I am over 12 weeks now. It’s even harder to keep the secret if you get really sick like I do (I REALLY hope you don’t). You don’t want to do anything but lie around, but people start to get suspicious if you keep making the excuse that you can’t do this or that because you don’t feel well, and don’t even get me started on working while morning sick but trying not to let anyone know you’re morning sick (which I did when I was pregnant with the boys). Yuck! It helped that I had one good friend co-worker who knew I was pregnant. He ran interference for me when necessary. If, heaven forbid, you do get very sick, I hope you have someone like that. It helps.

    Also, I don’t think it’s too early to start working on names. It’s often pretty hard to choose the name your child will be stuck with their whole life. If you wait too long to get started, you could end up with a baby in your arms not knowing what to call it. Jeff and I had a girl name and a boy name picked out before I got pregnant, and we thought we had it covered, but then when we ended up needing another boy name, and it took us most of the pregnancy to come up with it.

  3. Me

    Congratulations, hope you have a healthy and happy 8 months or so.


  4. Jin

    Those peppers look absolutely divine!

    And I wouldn’t be able to hold out until 12 weeks either.

  5. Secret Sloper

    Jane Austen is my favorite author, too! I’m probably going to write my dissertation on her and Byron.

    It’s very hard keeping the secret, and getting to tell everyone is such a special event. I hope you can hold out as long as you feel is appropriate.

  6. That celebratory meals looks fabulous! We told our parents the next day after we found out and everyone else at 9 weeks. It was KILLING me. I could never have waited to 2nd tri, plus if something were to happen, I didn’t want us dealing with it by ourselves. Shout it off the rooftops!!

  7. That food looks awesome. Yummm. I know what you mean about telling people — it is really hard to keep it a secret. Try telling some people who are very close to you and see if it takes the edge off telling everyone for a little while. =)