A Shout-Out to the Blogosphere

 Thank you so much to everyone who left supportive messages for me on my last post, newbies and regulars alike. Your comments really did help.

I’m feeling more hopeful at the moment. I felt dreadful and so terrified for the first 24 hours, but in the last 24 hours the spotting has decreased and I have started enjoying being pregnant again. I have to admit that writing these words makes me a bit nervous… I feel a bit like I’m tempting fate.

That being said, I felt positive enough this evening to fill in the registration form for my obstetrician that I received in the mail, something that I have been putting off for the last two days.

So… fingers crossed!



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21 responses to “A Shout-Out to the Blogosphere

  1. Crossing fingers. Hope you’ll stay positive!

    ~Stopping by for ICLW~

  2. You should enjoy being pregnant! Don’t feel like you’re tempting fate! Good luck!

  3. I’m glad that you arent spotting anymore! Relax and enjoy the moment! ICLW

  4. Glad that you are feeling a little bit better (other than the beginning of morning sickness)! Keep us all posted!

  5. Glad that your spotting is decreasing. That’s great news to hear. Hopefully it continues on that way and that you have a happy healthy bundle of joy in 9mths.


  6. So glad to hear that! Hoping all is well from here and you can enjoy what you’ve been longing for!
    Happy ICLW

  7. My thoughts are with you. I hope that everything goes well.

  8. So glad to hear spotting stopped. I have heard its normal in early pregnancy. So excited for you and praying your pregnancy is perfect! Happy iclw.

  9. fingers crossed!


  10. That is excellent news that the spotting is stopping!! Hoping you are going well!

  11. Glad to hear your feeling better – i totally panicked after I got my BFP and then was sure it was all going to end in a few days. I know it’s hard but just stay as calm as you can – i did breathing exercises and lay on my bed with my hands on my belly and did lots of positive visualization. Mentally it made me feel lots lots better. Fingers crossed for you xx

  12. Just stopping by from ICLW. First of all, congratulations on your BFP! Second, I’m sorry you’re experiencing scary spotting, I know too well how devastating it can be. Third, BEST of luck to you! And last, a big hug from a fellow IF sister 🙂

  13. It’s so hard once you start spotting to feel great about being pregnant. I know that all too well. I hope that your little one sticks around. Here from ICLW.

  14. Glad to hear that your doing better and feeling more positive 🙂

  15. So glad to hear the spotting is improving! I hope it disappears completely soon and you can fully relax!

  16. Thinking all sorts of positive thoughts for you. I know it must be really hard to not be worried. ICLW

  17. So glad to hear that you’re not bleeding anymore! Remain calm and well rested. Hope you see your OB soon and feel more confident as time goes on. I too was a nervous wreck in the beginning! Congrats by the way! 😉 Happy ICLW!

  18. Sending positive vibes your way!!! ICLW

  19. I’m glad the spotting has decreased…I hope everything goes well with your pregnancy!


  20. I’m so glad the spotting has stopped. Things like that can be so scary…especially when your road to parenthood has not been smooth. Good luck and I hope things go smoothly.