Will this do, for now?

I know. I was supposed to write a post yesterday. I’m very, very sorry that I didn’t. And spending the whole day on the couch because I was feeling rotten really isn’t much of an excuse.

I totally intended to write the post today instead. Totally. Intended. But, ah, I feel pretty rotten today as well.

So instead of writing, here’s the onesie I bought in New Zealand:

Pretty cute, huh?

I hope this will do, for now.



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6 responses to “Will this do, for now?

  1. Red

    Pregnancy rotten? I hope it is ‘just’ morning sickness and not anything serious.

    That is a CUTE onesie!!

    • Tio

      Definitely pregnancy rotten. Not that I’m complaining. Well, actually I have been complaining to Husby, quite a lot. I really hate puking. But if that’s what I have to put up with in order to be pregnant then I’ll do it!

  2. I felt like I had the worst hangover of my life for a month straight. Yuck, but so worth it.

  3. Al

    Very cute!

    Hope the icky feeling crappy phase ends soon.

  4. Super cute!!! I hope you feel better soon!!