A Trip to a Vineyard, a Trip to New Zealand, and Frequent Trips to the ‘Vomit Throne’

I’ve been a very bad bloggy friend this week. Morning sickness has hit me hard since I returned from New Zealand and I’ve barely made it off the couch. I’ve had three days off work this week. Even sitting down in front of the computer to update this sad old blog has just seemed too much like hard work. The house is about to be declared a disaster zone, and I haven’t cooked a meal in….. um…. I can’t even remember. But. I’ve decided that I can’t possibly spend the next 6 weeks (please don’t let it be any longer than that!) lying around doing absolutely nothing, so I’m going to try to do what I would normally do and hope that it acts as some sort of distraction from the nausea. To that end, this morning I have put away all the clean dishes, gone to the supermarket, cooked (and eaten!) dinner, and I’m going to write this post. I’ve already achieved more today than I have for the last 6 days.
So, let’s start back at the very beginning: my visit to a vineyard for a friend’s party the evening that I started spotting. In some ways it was a really difficult evening: there were kids around and a lot of baby talk, and I spent most of the evening hoping, hoping that the spotting wasn’t heralding the early end to my pregnancy. In other ways though, it was a good evening. The vineyard was lovely, the company pleasant, the weather perfect, and it did serve as a much-needed distraction from my thoughts. Because I wasn’t drinking I was inevitably asked if I was pregnant. And I managed to lie, quite convincingly, on more than one occasion.


I was really hoping that the spotting would stop before I left for NZ so that I could tell my mother about the pregnancy without the joy being tainted by fear. And it did! I couldn’t even wait to get out of the airport before I told her. I asked her whether my brother and sister-in-law were still planning to host Christmas this year – yes, there were. I confirmed that H and I would (for the first time in years) both be able to come to NZ for Christmas, and then asked Mum whether she though my brother and SIL would mind if we brought someone with us. She told me later that she was trying to think of a … way of saying that actually, no, she wasn’t sure that would be appropriate when I added… “he’ll only be seven weeks old”. (We’ve been referring to the baby as “he” only because I can’t stand the idea of using “it”). It took her a few seconds to register what I was saying, but then when she did… oh my goodness was she excited! We talked about babies the whole way home (and most of the night, and the next day). She’s already started trying to decide what she wants to be called: Grandma, Nana, something else entirely…

The photos below are from the Mission Bay Jazz Festival which Mum and I attended with my brother and SIL.


On Sunday the extended family on my father’s side gathered at his place for a barbecue. My last surviving grandparent (Papa) was there, two of my three brothers (and therefore two of my three sisters-in-law) as well as my niece and nephew. It was a lovely evening, and so wonderful to be able to spend some quality time with the family. I was the first to arrive, and my dad immediately offered to pour me a glass of wine. I nonchalantly declined and suggested a juice instead. I am not, nor have I ever been, much of a drinker, so I truly didn’t expect that my refusal of a glass of wine would even raise an eyebrow. How wrong I was! The next words out of my father’s mouth were “You’re pregnant, aren’t you?”. I didn’t know what to say! I hadn’t been planning on telling my dad, but I wasn’t prepared to outright lie to him either. (The reason I didn’t want to tell him is that I wasn’t sure he’d be able to keep it a secret. When my oldest brother was expecting his first baby Dad told me before my brother was able to, even though he’d been sworn to secrecy). My hesitation was all the answer he needed: “That’s a ‘yes’, isn’t it”. My father and step-mother were delighted with the news, and I (repeatedly) requested their silence, so here’s hoping they keep the secret for a few more weeks. Apparently my father is quite good a knowing when a woman is pregnant (must be an occupational hazard) but he told me that 5 weeks is the earliest he’s picked it!

So, that’s a brief summary of my trip (the important bits, anyway). I’d been feeling tired and a bit seedy at times since just after 4 weeks, but my morning sickness kicked into gear on the flight home to Melbourne. I was going to regale you all with tales of my many trips to the bathroom in the last week, but all this productivity has exhausted me, so I’ll save that story for another day. I can hear you all sighing in disappointment, saying “oh but Tio, we really want to hear all about your vomit” but I’m afraid you’ll just have to be patient.



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8 responses to “A Trip to a Vineyard, a Trip to New Zealand, and Frequent Trips to the ‘Vomit Throne’

  1. Sounds like your trip was amazing!! I’m so sorry that you’re sick– just try to remember it as a great sign. Your little one is growing!!

  2. Red

    Glad you had a great trip – looks like it was very lucky you got it in before the morning sickness started. I hate morning sickness. I still have it terribly (worse than I ever have) and I am 13 weeks, which is very frustrating as it stopped at 11 weeks with Champ so that is what I was counting on! But, yes, it is true you will barely remember it in 9 months time!

  3. I’m so glad that you had an amazing trip with the family!! I hope you get better soon, they say that morning sickness is good news, hopefully in a few weeks they are completely gone. Hang in there =)

  4. Sounds like a great trip and the pictures are amazing. I’m sorry for the morning sickness…hope it gets better soon!

  5. Your trip sounded wonderful! I loved all the photos you posted. I am sorry the nausea is so intense right now. Hopefully it will start to fade soon. My doctor recommended vitamin B6 — you might call yours and see if something like that could help.

  6. Jin

    No ideas of helping your morning sickness. Ginger and lemon juice aren’t helping me right now either. Oh well 🙂

  7. What a wonderful trip!!! That gave me chills when I read the part about your Mom deciding what her grandchild will call her, very cute. I’m so very sorry about the morning sickness, but so happy all is well in your world! xo