A Big Weekend, and a Big Occasion

Just a quick update to let you all know that I’m still here! I’m feeling okay today. For a while I thought that I was starting to feel a bit better but Friday, Saturday and yesterday were pretty rough so now I’m wondering if it was just wishful thinking.

Thankfully I felt relatively good on Sunday. My Dad and brother were visiting from NZ for the weekend and on Sunday we (along with H) headed off to the Grand Prix. By no stretch of the imagination can I be considered a petrol-head. I don’t usually even watch the Formula 1 on television. A day out with the family seemed like a fun idea (and I didn’t want to be left out!) so I decided to go along with the boys. I don’t feel the need to go again next year, but it was a fun day, although to be honest I think I enjoyed the airshow more than the cars!

Below are some pics from the airshow and later our four pairs of feet standing on tire marks from the F1 cars. My brother and father collected pieces of rubber to take home as souvenirs!

Tomorrow is a big day – we have our first visit with our obstetrician. I’m a little nervous but mostly excited, and I’m really really hoping there is the opportunity to get an ultrasound. I’ll feel so much better once I know there’s a beating heart in there (and just one beating heart, thank you!).

I’m on night-shift over Easter so there’s no long weekend for me unfortunately. This last batch of night-shift has really mucked with my sleep patterns and I’ve been waking very early and having trouble falling back asleep, which is very unusual for me. Although maybe it has more to do with the pregnancy than the night-shift?

OK folks, it’s bed time for me. I’ll update you later in the week about how the doctor’s appointment goes.



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3 responses to “A Big Weekend, and a Big Occasion

  1. Al

    GL at your first OB appointment!! And the air show looks fun, but I’m totally bored by car racing as well.

  2. So happy that you’re slowly but surely feeling better! I can’t wait to hear all about the ob appointment!!

  3. I hope your doctor’s appt went great!