Introducing: Bert

This is the first photo of Bert. Bert is short for Eggbert which is what H called my follie. Somehow I don’t think Bert will be the name we choose once he or she arrives!

The quality isn’t great because it’s a poorly scanned copy, but you get the idea. He measures perfectly for dates, 9w4d on exactly 9w4d. I guess Fertility Friend really did know when I ovulated!



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8 responses to “Introducing: Bert

  1. So beautiful! Congratulations! Such a sweet babe!

  2. Al

    Bert is perfect! Congrats!

  3. YAY!!!! What a beautiful pic & I love that you’re calling him/her Bert for now. So cute!!

  4. Secret Sloper

    Gorgeous! Congrats, s/he is lovely sweet bean 🙂

  5. Awww, I heart Bert. Congrats!

  6. Great picture, Congrats!!!

  7. (much belated) Bert is so adorable, I lvoe watching them grow form u/s to u/s 🙂