Beautiful Bert

The news from this morning’s NT scan is excellent.

Bert measured 6.4 cm, which had him at about 12w4d, which is pretty close to the 12w3d that he is. His due date is still October 30. The scan together with my MSS bloods puts our risk for Trisomy 21 at 1 in 25,000 – pretty good odds!

Here’s a photo from the US:

I’m sure that the sonographer tells everyone that their baby is lovely, but she used the words “beautiful”, “perfect”, and “photogenic” so much that I think Bert must be particularly lovely (not that I’m biased or anything). She even took extra photos because he was showing off with cute baby poses.

I’ll try to figure out how to convert the DVD so I can upload some of that too, but for now this grainy pic will have to do!



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19 responses to “Beautiful Bert

  1. Great profile of Bert!

  2. So adorable, they’re great numbers too! So glad to read things are progressing well 🙂

  3. What a beautiful, perfect & photogenic baby!!! So glad everything went well!!

  4. That is one beautiful, perfect baby all right!!! Congratulations on such a great appointment!

  5. So wonderful! Congratulations!

  6. I’m so glad your NT scan went so well. Congratulations!! The picture of Bert is beautiful.

  7. K

    Awwww!!! Congrats on a good scan, one less thing to worry about I hope!


  8. Wonderful news, beautiful pic. I wish I were 29 so next week at my nt scan I could get such great numbers. I am 37 so I start at 1 in 259, LOL! Anyway happy iclw and best of wishes for rest of your pregnancy. Your baby looks wonderful.

  9. Stopping by for ICLW! Congrats on the great scan! It is so refreshing and encouraging to see pictures of real-live babies and ultrasounds in the blogosphere — your post gave me some hope today! Best wishes for a wonderful, uneventful pregnancy!

  10. What a blessing, and that is one good lookin’ lil dude! 🙂
    Happy ICLW!
    ~Miriam (ICLW #14)

  11. Wonderous!!!! Congrats on a great scan!

  12. what a lovely photo of your little Bert!


  13. i think he is beautiful 🙂 congrats on a lovely picture and successful appointment!


  14. Congrats on the great news from the scan! He looks perfect. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby.

    Happy ICLW

  15. Tarah

    Aw beautiful! Congrats on a perfect baby!

    ICLW #119

  16. Great pics! Our little one never would pose for the camera, so I think you got lucky!

    Also, you are allowed to be biased about your baby. I think it is required for all parents!

  17. Congratulations on Bert! I was excited to find your blog via iclw because I, too, am a PCOSer and am about 5 days behind you in pregnancy. I’m due November 4th.

    Love your belly pics, too. Wish I could say the same about mine but it’s not even close to being cute.

    Anyway, nice to meet you and I’m looking forward to following along with your pregnancy!

  18. That is a great scan pic! It’s so amazing how different it is from what I saw at 10w3d. I can’t believe they change that much in 2 weeks! Enjoy, congrats, and happy ICLW!

  19. What a great pic… congrats, and here’s to a healthy pregnancy.

    From ICLW (my maiden voyage)