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How to Get a Baby Drunk

It’s been a busy few days. Not only have I been working all weekend (and I start night-shift again tomorrow) but we’ve re-introduced ourselves to the social scene now that I’m feeling so much more energetic.

I think we will end up only eating one meal at home this week. We’ve had pizza at the new local woodfired pizzeria (yummo!), a banquet at our favourite Vietnamese restaurant, a birthday barbecue at a friend’s house, and a dinner party. In a couple of days we go back to the Vietnamese restaurant for H’s work social club function. It’s a good thing I’m wearing maternity clothes because my tummy is going to be pretty full of food!

Below are some photos from the barbeque last night.

Yup: fire, giant dogs, and drunk babies. Everything you need for a good party. And yes, that is my darling H giving beer to a baby.

In other photo-related news, I’ve posted my 18 week belly pic. I got a bit adventurous and documented my bare belly, sans tank top. 18 weeks, I can’t believe it!



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Look what I just bought…

 Rather than relieving my desire for baby-related shopping, purchasing this Moses Basket just seems to have awoken the beast.


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Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?

H has developed a habit. Two or three times a week, before we fall asleep, he will lie with his head on my belly listening to Bert moving around. For a few weeks he has been swearing that he can hear the little fellow kicking, although when I listened once with my stethoscope I wasn’t convinced. A few days ago I took another listen… and started to think that maybe I could hear the dull thuds that H was describing. I started thinking about the fact that the reason, I have been told, that first-time mums-to-be don’t usually start feeling the baby move until quite late is not that the movements aren’t happening, just that they just don’t recognise the feelings. I started concentrating on all the sensations in my tummy while I was listening, thinking that if I could correlate some slight feelings in my tummy with the noises I was hearing I wouldn’t need to wait weeks to start recognising the feelings as Bert. Basically, I was trying to cheat! And, after a minute or so, I started realising that I could feel little bubbles in my tummy, slightly different from normal gut goings-on, that exactly coincided with the thuds. To be honest I still wasn’t entirely convinced that it wasn’t wishful thinking, but it was a pretty cool experience nonetheless.

Last night H lay his head down on my tummy for a listen. I was lying very still and breathing quietly, concentrating on my belly. I could feel some normal gas moving around – there’s plenty of that these days! But every now and again I could feel something else – something that felt a little bit like the gas, but at the same time different. There’s no way I would have noticed anything if I hadn’t been so still and quiet, but again I wondered – is this the baby I can feel? And then…

H sat bolt upright in bed at the exact moment I felt a distinct knock on my left of my belly. H’s hand flew to the side of his head. At the same time we said “Did you feel that?”. With his ear pressed tightly against me H had felt a distinct kick against the side of his head at the exact moment I felt a sensation so definite that it couldn’t be anything other than a kick.

It was amazing. The timing just seems too good to be true, but the only other explanation is a shared – and simultaneous – hallucination, and although H has frequently accused me of being crazy, symbiotic psychosis just doesn’t seem likely. I feel so lucky that this was an experience we could share and although I know it might be weeks before we feel it again, but I don’t think I will ever forget how that first, amazing movement felt.


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Why work when I’d rather blog?

 I’m supposed to be working on a presentation for work right now… but instead I’m surfing the blogosphere and stalking baby products online. It’s just so much more enjoyable than preparing a talk on the radiology of the forearm.

Things are going well right now. I’m gradually feeling better day by day – I’m still generally tired but I do feel much more like my old self. I’m starting to get very impatient (no surprises there!) and I really want to start buying nursery furniture, even though I’m only at 17 weeks. I’m trying to hold off, mostly by getting my fill of baby-related activity on the net! As my husband points out, I have been known to change my mind… and if I buy something now there’s no guarantee I won’t find something I like better 2 months down the track. The only item I have 100% decided on (for now!) is the high-chair, and it seems ridiculous to buy it now when we won’t even need it for months after the baby arrives! I think I’ll just keep my eye on the online shops and if I see it for a bargain price I’ll just buy it and store it (and pacify H with thoughts about how much we saved).

Last week I updated the belly pics pages with my 16 week photo – I’m starting to look convincingly pregnant, which I love!


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A Perfect 150

The appointment went very well. We didn’t see Bert, but we heard his lovely little heart going a perfect 150 bpm, and that’s enough for me.

The morning sickness seems to have struck again with full force the last two days – and that seemed to serve as a pretty good distraction from my nerves.

We have our 20 week scan in 4 weeks. We have to wait until 21 weeks to have our 20 week appointment with the OB because H is going to New Zealand for a week and he really didn’t want to miss the appointment. But following that appointment we are jetting off on a mini “babymoon”. Well, jetting may be an exaggeration. We’re tossing up between Adelaide and Brisbane, but to be honest I don’t really mind… I’m just so looking forward to some time away, with just the two of us. Um, two and half, I guess. Throw into the mix that my mother arrives for a visit the day after we get back, and we’re in for a busy couple of months!


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Pregnancy after Infertility

 Sometimes being pregnant is a scary thing. It is always wonderful and exciting, but sometimes at the same time it is completely terrifying. Not because I’m nervous about delivery, or caring for a newborn (although I’m sure those fears will come in due time) but because when you’re infertile you learn to expect the worst. You learn to expect negative pregnancy tests, cancelled cycles, delays and disappointments. That mind-set doesn’t just disappear in a puff of smoke once you’re pregnant.

I’m relieved that the tension-fraught first trimester is over. I spent 3 months knowing, just knowing, that it could all end at any moment. I didn’t let it destroy my pleasure in the experience, but if I’m honest there were moments in which I was simply paralysed by the fear. An afternoon not as plagued by nausea as usual had me obsessing over all my pregnancy symptoms trying to figure out if something was going wrong. When I started spotting a few days after my positive test I remember sitting on the toilet sobbing my heart out, begging for this baby that I already loved so much to stay put safely inside me. And, thankfully, it did.

I still check my underwear for blood every time I go to the toilet. I think that is a habit which will be forever ingrained in my being. I still have moments when the not knowing bothers me. I think we’d all like to have a personalised reality-tv show about our bodies so we could know exactly what was happening at every moment of every day. Now, at more than 15 weeks’ pregnant, I can talk about the pregnancy without feeling like I’m jinxing it. Now I can make plans and have dreams about the future.

But some events make all that fear come racing back. I do not know a word to describe the combination of anticipation and terror that I felt before our all-important 12 week scan. And it is becoming clear that this will be a continuing theme. I can cruise through most of my days and ignore that fear. But the closer I get to an ultrasound or a doctor’s appointment the more nervous I become. And as I approach our 16 week check-up, fewer than 24 hours away, I just can’t ignore the possibility that the doctor might find something wrong. I know that the bulk of the appointment will be taken up by mundane activities like being weighed (a bit scary in itself), having my blood pressure measured, and peeing in a cup; I know that the chances of something catastrophic happening at this stage are low. But a low chance isn’t no chance, and I just don’t think I’ll be able to relax until after the appointment tomorrow morning.

So… here’s hoping that a day of housework can distract me from my anxiety… and I’ll update you all tomorrow.


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A Very Belated Update

I haven’t yet written about the experience of our 12 week ultrasound. Well, it was awesome. It was also really weird. I still don’t have such an obvious bump that I look pregnant (in most clothes) and it was really strange to spend 30 minutes watching a little person who was INSIDE ME, when the rest of the time there’s so little evidence that something is in there. H and I were both surprised by how much detail we could see, and just how active Bert was. We saw all four chambers of the heart, both hemispheres of the brain, hands and fingers… the list goes on. Awesome.

After the US we felt secure enough to let everyone in on the pregnancy news, but I made the choice not to “announce” the pregnancy on Facebook. For some reason I just didn’t feel comfortable with the idea, although I can’t quite explain why. We’re now being quite open about the pregnancy, and our friends have started commenting so the news is popping up on FB, but I didn’t want to make a formal announcement – somehow it seemed a bit conceited. I know that it’s a bit stupid to feel that way, but I just did. It wasn’t fear about losing the pregnancy that made me reticent, I just felt like a show-off!

My husband made a FB announcement though! He is not usually a fan of putting personal information up on the web, but he couldn’t help himself (you know, I think he might just be a little bit proud of himself!). This is what he wrote:

Ladies and Gentlemen. 
Tio and H are proud to present for the first time…… “Little H”
In answer to your questions….
– He/she is 12 weeks along now.
– we do NOT know the sex… yet.
– yes, it is very healthy.
– Yes it does look like a natural athlete.
– We don’t know what superpower it has yet.
– And yes – it is the best looking kid ever!



Yesterday, two weeks after H put up that post I reposted it on my page. It was the cheater’s way of making the announcement!

After the US I told someone else about the pregnancy. I have an acquaintance from University who I was briefly quite friendly with, but haven’t seen in a few years. Not long before I realised that we would need some medical intervention to get pregnant, I learned that she had recently had twins through IVF. I contacted her via FB seeking some advice, and she offered wonderful support and was so candid and open about all of her experiences. As soon as I got home from the US appointment I emailed her to tell her about the pregnancy and to offer my sincerest thanks for her support. It was a great moment.

It has also been a relief being open about the pregnancy at work, and not having to hide my symptoms. Everyone has been very supportive.

In other news, I’ve posted a 14 week belly pic on the Belly Pics page, so check it out!


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