A Very Belated Update

I haven’t yet written about the experience of our 12 week ultrasound. Well, it was awesome. It was also really weird. I still don’t have such an obvious bump that I look pregnant (in most clothes) and it was really strange to spend 30 minutes watching a little person who was INSIDE ME, when the rest of the time there’s so little evidence that something is in there. H and I were both surprised by how much detail we could see, and just how active Bert was. We saw all four chambers of the heart, both hemispheres of the brain, hands and fingers… the list goes on. Awesome.

After the US we felt secure enough to let everyone in on the pregnancy news, but I made the choice not to “announce” the pregnancy on Facebook. For some reason I just didn’t feel comfortable with the idea, although I can’t quite explain why. We’re now being quite open about the pregnancy, and our friends have started commenting so the news is popping up on FB, but I didn’t want to make a formal announcement – somehow it seemed a bit conceited. I know that it’s a bit stupid to feel that way, but I just did. It wasn’t fear about losing the pregnancy that made me reticent, I just felt like a show-off!

My husband made a FB announcement though! He is not usually a fan of putting personal information up on the web, but he couldn’t help himself (you know, I think he might just be a little bit proud of himself!). This is what he wrote:

Ladies and Gentlemen. 
Tio and H are proud to present for the first time…… “Little H”
In answer to your questions….
– He/she is 12 weeks along now.
– we do NOT know the sex… yet.
– yes, it is very healthy.
– Yes it does look like a natural athlete.
– We don’t know what superpower it has yet.
– And yes – it is the best looking kid ever!



Yesterday, two weeks after H put up that post I reposted it on my page. It was the cheater’s way of making the announcement!

After the US I told someone else about the pregnancy. I have an acquaintance from University who I was briefly quite friendly with, but haven’t seen in a few years. Not long before I realised that we would need some medical intervention to get pregnant, I learned that she had recently had twins through IVF. I contacted her via FB seeking some advice, and she offered wonderful support and was so candid and open about all of her experiences. As soon as I got home from the US appointment I emailed her to tell her about the pregnancy and to offer my sincerest thanks for her support. It was a great moment.

It has also been a relief being open about the pregnancy at work, and not having to hide my symptoms. Everyone has been very supportive.

In other news, I’ve posted a 14 week belly pic on the Belly Pics page, so check it out!



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2 responses to “A Very Belated Update

  1. Great to hear all is awesome in your world and hurray for the fantastic 12 week u/s!

    I am not much of a FBer so I think I would probably have the same feelings about the “announcement” (were I ever to get there, haha).

    You sound just wonderful and here’s a belated congrats on the 2T!!!!

  2. Hi – just stumbled on your blog and just wanted to say congratulations – I had my 12 week u/s last Saturday and I’m still in awe that this lil’ gummy bear blob now looks like an actual baby. Felt exactly the same feeling looking at that monitor at this jumping precious thing and realizing – WOW – s/he is inside of ME! it still boggles my mind, this miracle!