Why work when I’d rather blog?

 I’m supposed to be working on a presentation for work right now… but instead I’m surfing the blogosphere and stalking baby products online. It’s just so much more enjoyable than preparing a talk on the radiology of the forearm.

Things are going well right now. I’m gradually feeling better day by day – I’m still generally tired but I do feel much more like my old self. I’m starting to get very impatient (no surprises there!) and I really want to start buying nursery furniture, even though I’m only at 17 weeks. I’m trying to hold off, mostly by getting my fill of baby-related activity on the net! As my husband points out, I have been known to change my mind… and if I buy something now there’s no guarantee I won’t find something I like better 2 months down the track. The only item I have 100% decided on (for now!) is the high-chair, and it seems ridiculous to buy it now when we won’t even need it for months after the baby arrives! I think I’ll just keep my eye on the online shops and if I see it for a bargain price I’ll just buy it and store it (and pacify H with thoughts about how much we saved).

Last week I updated the belly pics pages with my 16 week photo – I’m starting to look convincingly pregnant, which I love!



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2 responses to “Why work when I’d rather blog?

  1. Surfing nursery furniture, clothes, accessories on the internet is what keeps me going all day long!!! It makes the actual buying really quick!! LOL I searched the pros and cons of prams online for 4 months before I bought our pram in a ten minutes online!! Same thing with the car seat, we went to the shop and I know what I wanted and just bought it! Surfing online has it’s benefits!! The bump is definitely growing!!

  2. 17 weeks!!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!