How to Get a Baby Drunk

It’s been a busy few days. Not only have I been working all weekend (and I start night-shift again tomorrow) but we’ve re-introduced ourselves to the social scene now that I’m feeling so much more energetic.

I think we will end up only eating one meal at home this week. We’ve had pizza at the new local woodfired pizzeria (yummo!), a banquet at our favourite Vietnamese restaurant, a birthday barbecue at a friend’s house, and a dinner party. In a couple of days we go back to the Vietnamese restaurant for H’s work social club function. It’s a good thing I’m wearing maternity clothes because my tummy is going to be pretty full of food!

Below are some photos from the barbeque last night.

Yup: fire, giant dogs, and drunk babies. Everything you need for a good party. And yes, that is my darling H giving beer to a baby.

In other photo-related news, I’ve posted my 18 week belly pic. I got a bit adventurous and documented my bare belly, sans tank top. 18 weeks, I can’t believe it!



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2 responses to “How to Get a Baby Drunk

  1. OMG! Look at that BEAUTIFUL baby belly. You look amazing, TIO!!!

  2. That picture is hilarious. I laughed out loud!