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A Mother’s Love

My mother’s visit was lovely. We got out and about and did all sorts of things (my mother is the most active person I know). By then end of the four days I was totally exhausted! The exhaustion was worth it though. Mum hates it that there is an ocean separating us, and she truly lives for these visits. I think she finds it particularly hard at the moment, and would love to be here and able to get actively involved, but she was so thrilled to arrive and see my bump and to get involved in some planning for the baby.

My mother bought us a chest of drawers for the baby’s room, which I’m going to use as the change table, and the two of us put it together with the help of an electric screw-driver and a hammer. We were very satisfied with the result, and the drawers are now filled with baby paraphernalia which was previously stacked on the floor of the spare room. She also brought two important items with her, the moses basket I ordered from NZ, and the cardigan she has knitted which the baby will wear home from the hospital (hopefully we don’t have an unseasonably warm spring or the poor thing might get a tad hot!). Together Mum and I chose a button to finish off the cardigan, and the moses basket is currently stuffed full of soft toys and sitting on the chest of drawers.

We also stumbled upon the perfect nappy bag, and at a stellar price, so we were thrilled with that find.

I’m late getting my 22 week picture up, but it will be posted this afternoon, I promise.


In unrelated, and heartbreaking news, Rebecca has just suffered a terrible loss. Please head over to her blog to offer your support.



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Adelaide, and what we did there

We arrived back in Melbourne tonight after four action-packed days in Adelaide – consisting mainly of sleeping in, napping, watching television in bed, and eating! We did actually get out of the hotel to do some sightseeing, I promise. Relaxation was always, however, one of our main goals, and it was greatly facilitated by the fact that we had a huuuuge suite. Honestly, it was bigger than the first apartment we had together, had a kitchen, walk-in wardrobe, and most importantly a king-sized bed. With a husband who is almost 6′ 7″, I appreciated every extra inch of space! 
We agreed when we booked this trip that the focus would be R&R and quality couple time. We’ve both had a hectic year so far, and we wanted to make the most of some time together as a childless couple, while it lasts. October is going to bring about some massive changes, and I imagine it may be quite some time (at a guess, 25 years?) before we can have a holiday on our own again. And we both truly enjoyed ourselves. To be honest, H did have to provide a little encouragement to keep me on track, but I was surprised at how easy it was to give up the jam-packed, super-scheduled sightseeing bonanza that is my usual modus operandi on these type of excursions. Although the second trimester has been fairly kind to me so far, I definitely don’t have the stamina that I did in the days before Bert, and to be honest I think that helped ensure that H and I got just the right amount of rest each day to feel somewhat rejuvenated on our return. 
I feel like H has really bonded with the baby now (well, as much as is possible when considering a not-quite-fully-formed creature who you can’t truly interact with). I think the first trimester was difficult for him. He had to contend with an emotional, pukey wife without any real evidence that there was a baby in there. Obviously he knew intellectually that I was pregnant, but it took longer for him to make that emotional connection. (It took me about, oh… three seconds or so). Seeing the baby on ultrasounds has helped H make that connection that this is his child, but I think that having a more obvious baby belly has really made it seem so much more real for him.  I had a growth spurt between 20 and 21 weeks, and when H got back from NZ last week, he was amazed at how pregnant I looked. He honestly walked up to me at the airport with his mouth hanging open. The following night we went out for dinner and drinks with friends for his 31st birthday, and he was so proud showing off my little belly.
The joy he seems to get from this more obvious display of his ability to knock me up (ah hum, with some assistance) continued during our stay in Adelaide, and was in fact solidified because he felt a few subtle movements as Bert jived around in there late at night while we cruised in the giant bed. I got the sense that he really enjoyed walking around with me with my belly on display (I should clarify, not fully on display, as I generally wore clothes when we left the suite), and he played the part of protective husband and father-to-be very well. 
My mother arrives tomorrow for some quality mother-daughter-bump time, so it will be a few more days before I can post again, but in the meantime, here is some evidence that I did in fact leave the hotel… 

Adelaide Arcade


  ** Photo Removed **        


Glenelg Beach


 And yes, even though this is supposed to be an anonymous blog, I’ve put up some less-than-anonymous pics, which may or may not come down again next week.      

And just in case you were worried about me exerting myself too much, here is one final photo, courtesy of H:          


** Photo Removed **     


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Items to Treasure

H is back from his trip to New Zealand, and it is so wonderful to have him home again. The house is just so quiet and so dull without him.

In addition to bringing himself home safely, he also brought some gifts. Firstly, for the chocolate-hungry mum-to-be he provided a mountain of Toblerone – 1.2 kilograms, to be precise! Which he only handed over after making it clear that I wasn’t allowed to eat it all in one night!

For Bert, he brought home a beautifully crafted quilt or play mat made by a close family friend, entirely hand stitched and something I know we will treasure for ever. And something else, of priceless sentimental value. A hand-knitted blanket made by H’s grandmother who is now deceased, and which was used to swaddle H and his brothers. It is in amazing condition considering it is well over 30 years old and has dealt with the spit-up of four very active boys! I hope it remains in such good condition for another 30 years so that our grandchildren can be wrapped in something made by their great-great-grandmother.


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The joy of not knowing

Sorry for the delay posting about the scan. Rest assured it’s only because I’ve been working night shift, not because of any bad news.

The scan went very well. Bert was measuring 3 days ahead of schedule at 20w 2d, and all his bits and pieces looked perfect… except for the bits and pieces you all want to know about – although I’m sure Bert is perfect in that area too, we asked not to see. Part of me is desperate to know if Bert is a boy or girl (I haven’t called myself Impatient for no reason); but I also want the surprise. I just can’t sacrifice that moment when the doctor tells us “It’s a boy!” (or girl). I’ve looked forward to that moment for so long, and it outweighs the fun and convenience of a few months of forward knowledge. Trust me, it’s hard for this impatient girl to keep herself in the dark, and to be honest I’m not sure I could have done it if H hadn’t been definite about not finding out. But I really think it will be worth it. The anticipation of that wonderful moment is what will get me though those last uncomfortable weeks and (a hopefully uncomplicated) labour.

Although the scan went well, we didn’t get great pictures of Bert because he was just so wriggly! The sonographer commented that it would have been a very difficult scan for anyone without a lot of experience. She also said that my anatomy is “very well organised” which amused H no end – I’m a Microsoft Excel nut and he said later that he was waiting for the tech to say she could see a spreadsheet in my placenta!

Here’s a screen shot of the US DVD (hence the poor quality) showing Bert’s “footprints”.

And my 20 week belly picture should be going up this afternoon too.

I also want to thank you lovely ladies who left such encouragement for me after my previous post – you really brightened my day.


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Fear, again

We have our 20 week ultrasound on Friday.

Already the terror has started. I had a dream last night that we lost the baby. I don’t remember the details, but I remember how devastated we were, and how we kept talking about how our ultrasound was only two days away, and we had been so looking forward to seeing the baby wriggle away on the screen, and how it all seemed so unfair.

I’ve done a fair job of putting it out of my mind today. I think the regular stirrings I can feel in my tummy really help put my mind at ease. But I have thought at times today about the women I know who have had second trimester miscarriages – and unfortunately I can put the total at four women, and five lost babies. And only one of them had any known risk factor.

The last thing I want is to spread my fear like it’s as contagious as my current cold, but you guys always seem to know what to say to make me feel better, and hey – what’s the point in having a blog if you can’t be honest? So, I’m putting it out there: I am looking forward to the scan more than almost anything I have before… but I just can’t shake that little kernel of fear which sits deep in some dark recess I just can’t get to, whispering to me “it could all still go wrong, it could all still go wrong”.


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The Bad and The Good

I am sick.

I thought I felt a cold coming on a few days ago, and was pleased when I woke up in the morning feeling just fine.

Yesterday though, after a day out trawling the baby shops test-driving prams with H, the cold hit me. I was feeling pretty exhausted by the time we got home, shortly afterwards became very headachey, and was asleep on the couch about 5 minutes after dinner. I took myself off to bed at about 9pm, and then spent the night sleeping fitfully, frequently waking up with a horrible headache and sore throat. I felt so rotten that I was having nightmares about H having to take me to hospital, that my tonsilitis had become an abscess which was being drained with some big-ass needles, and that I needed IV antibiotics but no one could decide which ones were safest in pregnancy.


I feel (minimally) better now that the sun is up, but I’m spending the day in bed or on the couch in the hope that one day of rest will save me from 3 or 4 days getting over this bug. None of the jobs I wanted to get done today will get done, but I fervently hope I will be back to my scheduled activities tomorrow.

In better news, H and I have chosen the pram we want. I originally thought we’d choose a Phil & Ted’s, but when we tried it out we weren’t impressed. We’ve chosen instead another New Zealand brand, Mountain Buggy. We’re going to get the Swift, which has the added benefit of coming with a carrycot which will be awesome while Bert is an infant.

So now I’m online trawling for the best bargain!

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