The joy of not knowing

Sorry for the delay posting about the scan. Rest assured it’s only because I’ve been working night shift, not because of any bad news.

The scan went very well. Bert was measuring 3 days ahead of schedule at 20w 2d, and all his bits and pieces looked perfect… except for the bits and pieces you all want to know about – although I’m sure Bert is perfect in that area too, we asked not to see. Part of me is desperate to know if Bert is a boy or girl (I haven’t called myself Impatient for no reason); but I also want the surprise. I just can’t sacrifice that moment when the doctor tells us “It’s a boy!” (or girl). I’ve looked forward to that moment for so long, and it outweighs the fun and convenience of a few months of forward knowledge. Trust me, it’s hard for this impatient girl to keep herself in the dark, and to be honest I’m not sure I could have done it if H hadn’t been definite about not finding out. But I really think it will be worth it. The anticipation of that wonderful moment is what will get me though those last uncomfortable weeks and (a hopefully uncomplicated) labour.

Although the scan went well, we didn’t get great pictures of Bert because he was just so wriggly! The sonographer commented that it would have been a very difficult scan for anyone without a lot of experience. She also said that my anatomy is “very well organised” which amused H no end – I’m a Microsoft Excel nut and he said later that he was waiting for the tech to say she could see a spreadsheet in my placenta!

Here’s a screen shot of the US DVD (hence the poor quality) showing Bert’s “footprints”.

And my 20 week belly picture should be going up this afternoon too.

I also want to thank you lovely ladies who left such encouragement for me after my previous post – you really brightened my day.



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6 responses to “The joy of not knowing

  1. Wow, there is no way I could have gone without knowing, I so admire those who can hold out. Glad to read all is well xxx

  2. Nicole

    Woohoo! So glad to hear everything is okay. And those are adorable little feet.

  3. AL

    Glad everything looked perfect ~ and like you, I would want to wait to find out. Unless we’re talking multiples, then I’m not sure I could / should wait!

  4. Red

    Glad to hear it all went well. I didn’t find out Champ’s gender so we could get the surprise moment, however, we were just so excited to meet him that we forgot to look down there for a few minutes after he was born anyway!

  5. wow what wonderful feet!! My hat off to you for being so patient and waiting it out to see whether Bert is a boy or a girl!! I am glad all looked perfect as it should be! I’ll go over and see your belly picture!! Congrats on 20 weeks!!

  6. I switched from wanting to know to keeping it a surprise (which surprised myself and a lot of other ppl!) Now I’m glad I did it because it really does add another level of excitement and anticipation! I can’t lie though – a part of me is so curious to find out but soon enough! Those footprints are adorable!