Items to Treasure

H is back from his trip to New Zealand, and it is so wonderful to have him home again. The house is just so quiet and so dull without him.

In addition to bringing himself home safely, he also brought some gifts. Firstly, for the chocolate-hungry mum-to-be he provided a mountain of Toblerone – 1.2 kilograms, to be precise! Which he only handed over after making it clear that I wasn’t allowed to eat it all in one night!

For Bert, he brought home a beautifully crafted quilt or play mat made by a close family friend, entirely hand stitched and something I know we will treasure for ever. And something else, of priceless sentimental value. A hand-knitted blanket made by H’s grandmother who is now deceased, and which was used to swaddle H and his brothers. It is in amazing condition considering it is well over 30 years old and has dealt with the spit-up of four very active boys! I hope it remains in such good condition for another 30 years so that our grandchildren can be wrapped in something made by their great-great-grandmother.



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2 responses to “Items to Treasure

  1. I love the feeling of having your DH coming home after a trip! It’s just the best feeling! That quilt is just so cute and will mean so much more knowing that a family friend made it just for your baby. I am impressed that H’s blanket is still in such amazing conditions after all this time, it just goes to show that handmade garments are much more valuable and durable than the things we buy these days!

  2. Jin

    Oh how beautiful they both are!