Adelaide, and what we did there

We arrived back in Melbourne tonight after four action-packed days in Adelaide – consisting mainly of sleeping in, napping, watching television in bed, and eating! We did actually get out of the hotel to do some sightseeing, I promise. Relaxation was always, however, one of our main goals, and it was greatly facilitated by the fact that we had a huuuuge suite. Honestly, it was bigger than the first apartment we had together, had a kitchen, walk-in wardrobe, and most importantly a king-sized bed. With a husband who is almost 6′ 7″, I appreciated every extra inch of space! 
We agreed when we booked this trip that the focus would be R&R and quality couple time. We’ve both had a hectic year so far, and we wanted to make the most of some time together as a childless couple, while it lasts. October is going to bring about some massive changes, and I imagine it may be quite some time (at a guess, 25 years?) before we can have a holiday on our own again. And we both truly enjoyed ourselves. To be honest, H did have to provide a little encouragement to keep me on track, but I was surprised at how easy it was to give up the jam-packed, super-scheduled sightseeing bonanza that is my usual modus operandi on these type of excursions. Although the second trimester has been fairly kind to me so far, I definitely don’t have the stamina that I did in the days before Bert, and to be honest I think that helped ensure that H and I got just the right amount of rest each day to feel somewhat rejuvenated on our return. 
I feel like H has really bonded with the baby now (well, as much as is possible when considering a not-quite-fully-formed creature who you can’t truly interact with). I think the first trimester was difficult for him. He had to contend with an emotional, pukey wife without any real evidence that there was a baby in there. Obviously he knew intellectually that I was pregnant, but it took longer for him to make that emotional connection. (It took me about, oh… three seconds or so). Seeing the baby on ultrasounds has helped H make that connection that this is his child, but I think that having a more obvious baby belly has really made it seem so much more real for him.  I had a growth spurt between 20 and 21 weeks, and when H got back from NZ last week, he was amazed at how pregnant I looked. He honestly walked up to me at the airport with his mouth hanging open. The following night we went out for dinner and drinks with friends for his 31st birthday, and he was so proud showing off my little belly.
The joy he seems to get from this more obvious display of his ability to knock me up (ah hum, with some assistance) continued during our stay in Adelaide, and was in fact solidified because he felt a few subtle movements as Bert jived around in there late at night while we cruised in the giant bed. I got the sense that he really enjoyed walking around with me with my belly on display (I should clarify, not fully on display, as I generally wore clothes when we left the suite), and he played the part of protective husband and father-to-be very well. 
My mother arrives tomorrow for some quality mother-daughter-bump time, so it will be a few more days before I can post again, but in the meantime, here is some evidence that I did in fact leave the hotel… 

Adelaide Arcade


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Glenelg Beach


 And yes, even though this is supposed to be an anonymous blog, I’ve put up some less-than-anonymous pics, which may or may not come down again next week.      

And just in case you were worried about me exerting myself too much, here is one final photo, courtesy of H:          


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2 responses to “Adelaide, and what we did there

  1. 6’7?? sheesh what a tall one. I’m so glad you had a great time and hubs dotes over you!!! Adorable bump pic!

  2. I am so happy to hear you had a wonderful time. It seemed like this is what you both needed and it did wonders! Your bump is looking super cute! I like the picture of you asleep, D was showing his dad a picture yesterday on his phone and said “this is what Laura did for the first 3 months of her pregnancy” I didn’t have to ask.. it was a very similar picture of me passed out on the sofa!