A Mother’s Love

My mother’s visit was lovely. We got out and about and did all sorts of things (my mother is the most active person I know). By then end of the four days I was totally exhausted! The exhaustion was worth it though. Mum hates it that there is an ocean separating us, and she truly lives for these visits. I think she finds it particularly hard at the moment, and would love to be here and able to get actively involved, but she was so thrilled to arrive and see my bump and to get involved in some planning for the baby.

My mother bought us a chest of drawers for the baby’s room, which I’m going to use as the change table, and the two of us put it together with the help of an electric screw-driver and a hammer. We were very satisfied with the result, and the drawers are now filled with baby paraphernalia which was previously stacked on the floor of the spare room. She also brought two important items with her, the moses basket I ordered from NZ, and the cardigan she has knitted which the baby will wear home from the hospital (hopefully we don’t have an unseasonably warm spring or the poor thing might get a tad hot!). Together Mum and I chose a button to finish off the cardigan, and the moses basket is currently stuffed full of soft toys and sitting on the chest of drawers.

We also stumbled upon the perfect nappy bag, and at a stellar price, so we were thrilled with that find.

I’m late getting my 22 week picture up, but it will be posted this afternoon, I promise.


In unrelated, and heartbreaking news, Rebecca has just suffered a terrible loss. Please head over to her blog to offer your support.



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3 responses to “A Mother’s Love

  1. I am so happy to hear you are having a GREAT time with your mom!!! It sounds like you are making every moment of her visit count! I love the little cardigan that your mom knitted, it’s just so cute!! Cannot wait to see the rest of your nursery!

  2. I’m so glad that you had a great visit with your mom!! I love the bassinet and can’t wait to see your nursery come together!

  3. That little cardigan is absolutely precious!