Over the last 24 hours, we have had three deliveries.

1) The little organic cotton leggings I bought for the baby to wear with the cardigan my mother knitted on the trip home from the hospital.

2) The pram! The Mountain Buggy Swift. It is awesome, plus it is a NZ company which, being a patriotic Kiwi, I love. In this picture I have it with the carry cot in place (as we will initially use it) but it is modular and has a regular seat configuration too.

3) A seat liner for the pram from Mini Happy Me on Ebay. Black with white polka dots (just like the moses basket).

I have also recently ordered some cot bedding from Melissa’s Boutique on Etsy. She was so helpful and patient as I made-up and then changed my mind many times. I have ordered two fitted sheets, a stuffed teddy bear, and a changing pad cover all in yellow with white polka dots. In the end I decided not to get a bumper because we wouldn’t use it early on and it would be one more item needing to be stored in our already quite full cupboards. It’s not like me to be quite so sensible!


I will, of course, put some pictures up once the bedding arrives (and we’ve bought the cot to put it on!).

I was originally inspired by this yellow and white Nurseryworks bedding, and was terribly disappointed to find that it had been discontinued.


I would have paid a fortune in shipping to have it sent to Australia if I have been able to find it in the US. A few online shops still have it in orange (which I loved) but as we have already purchased a few yellow items, such as a side lamp, I decided to stick with the yellow and white idea. I have literally spent weeks looking for canary yellow and white baby bedding and there just isn’t any, so I went for the simple polka dot fabric I found on Ebay. It will be easy to coordinate with other more gender-specific colours in the future.



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2 responses to “Deliveries

  1. Wow Mini Me is almost all set!! The pram looks great and I love the polka dots seat liner! Your baby is going to be a fashionable one!!! Cannot wait to see the cot now!!

  2. What fabulous stuff!!!

    The outfit that you will bring the baby home from the hospital in is SO special!! I love homemade things– DH’s grandmother knitted us a sweater and two pairs of booties PLUS she made us a quilt for our baby shower last weekend. How cool is it to be able to tell Liam that his great-grandmother made these things for him?! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what else you buy!