Weighing It Up

The Good: I passed my glucose tolerance test! I must admit I am just a smidge surprised, but am very relieved!

The Bad: I seem to have come down with a bit of a virus and have a low grade temperature today.

The Good: My GP has given me today and tomorrow off work to recuperate.

The Bad: I start night shift again on Monday.

The Good: I’m sleeping well again. Most of my trouble sleeping seems to have more to do with my mucked-up body clock after night-shift than it does with the pregnancy.

The Very Good: I have a wonderful husband and a squirmy little Bert, both of whom make me very happy.



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2 responses to “Weighing It Up

  1. Yay for passing the GTT!! I also came down with something this week– a nasty stomach bug. Hope you feel better!!

  2. Great news on passing the GTT – it is such a relief isn’t it? I hope that the night shift is not knocking you around too much!!