The Magic Reappearing Doctor

Yesterday I was sorting through the disaster that is my bookcase looking for an item I had misplaced, when I stumbled across the business card for my endocrinologist. Of course the phone numbers were the same ones I had already tried but the card listed an email address too. I shot off an email hoping that the address was still current, and hoping to get a reply in the next few days.

What do you know? I got a phone call from my endocrinologist less than 15 minutes later!

What a relief. I had tried everything I could think of to locate him. I’d Googled him  – I mostly found him mentioned in research articles or conferences, but nothing newer than 2009 and nothing with a phone number. I’d even called the hospital where his private rooms were previously based, but the number they had for him (although different to the number I had) was also out of date.

So I was surprised – to say the least – when it turned out to be pretty easy to get in touch with him. We spoke for 10 or 15 minutes. He agreed that the rise in my PRL has been more rapid than he was comfortable with, but reassured me that the current level wasn’t so high that he was significantly concerned. While we were on the phone he looked up some very new guidelines for PRL ranges in pregnancy and my level is only very slightly higher than the upper limit. Basically, the plan is that he has booked me in to see him in the public clinic at one of the city’s main hospital next Wednesday. He decided it would be more expedient to see me at the public clinic because there would also be an ophthalmologist there who could formally assess my visual fields.

Here’s hoping I toddle along on Wednesday, get checked out, my visual fields are fine, and we just decide to keep an eye on my PRL for the rest of the pregnancy. I can handle a few extra blood tests over the next 2 months.


I have updated the belly pics page with my 28 week photo – showing the totally different shape of my belly button.



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3 responses to “The Magic Reappearing Doctor

  1. I am happy you have managed to find him and that he is able to see you so quickly! Good luck at your appointment on Wed!

  2. G00d news about getting in touch with your endocrinologist and that you have a plan together!! 28 weeks, wow, time is going quickly!!

  3. Glad you found that doctor and that he was so prompt to get back to you!

    Your 28 week belly pic is great!