My Morning of Medical Mayhem

After H picked me up from work I had a couple of hours at home to try to relax before heading into the hospital for my endocrinology appointment. Of course the first thing I did was wax my underarms in case I ended up scoring another ECG! Unfortunately H had a very important event on at work so he headed off early and I lay on the couch trying to stay calm and obsessively checking my heart rate.

At about 9 I headed into the city and called my obstetrician’s office on the way. They assured me that I should just come into the office whenever I had finished with my earlier appointment and my OB would see me.

I arrived at the hospital and luckily H was able to leave work to join me. There was lots of waiting… first to see my Endocrinologist, then to get my blood taken, and then to get my visual fields tested. The good news is that my endocrinologist isn’t too worried about my prolactin level. He explained that last year at a major endocrinology conference there was a session on this exact topic – how to manage pituitary microadenomas during pregnancy. Apparently there was a lot of controversy even amongst the experts but the final guidelines were that a PRL up to 4500 is acceptable (I’m only 100 above this) and that the most important investigation is visual field testing. My visual fields were normal – which effectively means that even if my adenoma has grown, it hasn’t grown enough to affect my optic nerve, which would be the sign that we needed to take further action. I’m very relieved about this because I suspect that “further action” would mean having to deliver me early and then either taking some pretty serious drugs or facing brain surgery – all things I’d quite like to avoid, thank you!

I go back this Wednesday to see him and get the results of my blood tests. Assuming all is well he probably won’t need to see me again during the pregnancy. Once the baby is born we might do another MRI just to sneak a peek at the cheeky little adenoma and obviously I’ll need to keep getting my PRL levels checked regularly but I can handle that.

I just need to say how much I appreciate having great doctors. I implicitly trust my GP and she hasn’t put a foot wrong with any of the specialists she has referred me to. My endocrinologist made a point of phoning my OB while I was there to discuss the plan and all the recent research. They also discussed my heart rate issues and agreed on what they thought would be the next best step to investigate that. After the phone call my endocrinologist commented on what a nice fellow my OB was!

And that was my next stop. After waiting in the endo clinic waiting room, pathology waiting room, and ophthalmology waiting room I headed to the adjoining hospital where my OB is based and waited in his waiting room. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long – he saw us only about 20 minutes after we arrived, which is pretty great considering we didn’t officially have an appointment. In terms of the baby everything was great – perfect heart beat, measuring well, in the head down position, and we even got a (very brief) peek at him via ultrasound. While I was there my heart rate was fine and my BP (although a little higher than usual) was certainly within the acceptable range. We had a talk about my heart rate and discussed a few options. In the end he referred me to a cardiologist. I’ve been banned from any exercise until then, and he gave me a medical certificate because he didn’t want me working that night. I have to say I was relieved about that because after spending half the day at the hospital I wouldn’t have had much time for sleep. AND… because that shift was due to be my last for the week, I now have no more night-shifts left to work during the pregnancy! Woohoo!!!!

So, Part Three in this mini-drama will be posted at the end of next week, after I have seen the Cardiologist. Fingers crossed that all is well!


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  1. Glad to hear everything is on track and that you don’t need to take any further steps on your prolactin levels. Fingers crossed it keeps going as well for the remainder of your pregnancy! You really do sound to be in the best possible hands and the fact that your Endo called your OB to make sure he knew of his assessment is a great indication of that! I hope the Cardiologist’s visit goes as smoothly!!