31 weeks + 3 days, and counting…

People keep telling me that I look great for seven months pregnant. I get a lot of comments like “You’re carrying it well” , “You’re all baby” and “You don’t look that far along” but I have to admit that in this last week I’ve really started to feel pregnant – in that uncomfortable, awkward, whale-like way.

I woke up on Thursday with pelvic pain – bang, out of the blue – and it’s stayed ever since. I was hoping that I’d have a day or two of discomfort and then feel better, but unfortunately the pain seems set to stay. This means that I’m really waddling now, sleeping is more difficult, and because the pain signals pelvic instability I’ve been banned from using stairs, carrying anything, and most disappointingly… no Pilates. I’m bummed about that because I was really looking forward to getting back into Pilates now that I have the exercise all-clear from the cardiologist.

This week my feet swelled up for the first time – not massively, but it’s a sign of what’s to come. My rings started to feel a little tight too, so they’re on a chain around my neck, just in case my fingers swell. I’d be devastated if I had to get them cut off.

I’m still enjoying pregnancy – I love feeling Bert move around and some of the shapes he makes poking his limbs out of my belly are hilarious. I am so pleased to be in this position, but even so, these new discomfort do make some activities like my job and housework fairly difficult.

Aside from the pelvic instability everything looked great at my check up today. My blood pressure is staying low, Bert is still head down (good baby!) and he had a lovely heart rate of 140.

Just two months until we get to meet our little Bert – I can’t wait!


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