Mini-Drama, Part Three

I have been a little tardy updating you all about my Cardiology appointment – I’ve had a busy few days.

I saw the Cardiologist on Thursday, and just like my other doctors he was lovely!

The basic conclusion he came to is that I’m probably having a reactive tachycardia – that is, my heart rate is getting high as a reaction to, well, something, but that my heart is conducting properly. Because we haven’t been able to catch an episode on ECG he can’t be sure that it’s not a true arrhythmia like SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) which occurs because the heart is conducting electricity through aberrant channels.

When I saw him I had been episode-free for almost a week, and he didn’t think I needed an echo or a 24 hour monitor, but he did want me to try to catch any further episodes on the ECG (if I was at work). On Saturday my rate went up to 150 again, but despite getting an ECG within about 6 or 7 minutes my rate had returned to (almost) normal. Today my heart rate was 120 – 125 for most of the afternoon – but I was too busy to get an ECG. I do think that being at work is a risk factor – I’m pretty frantic most of the time! – but my rate did also seem a little fast lying in bed last night. However I couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed to get my watch and check my actual rate!

I did fax the ECG from Saturday to the Cardiologist, and he called me today but I missed the call. I’ seeing my OB tomorrow so I’ll discuss it with him, but to honest I’m not too worried… the idea of being referred for more appointments or investigations is more stressful than putting up with the slight discomfort that the episodes cause!



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3 responses to “Mini-Drama, Part Three

  1. Glad to hear the appointment with the Cardiologist went well. I understand the frustration on not “catching” the episodes on the ECG. Is there a chance for you to get less work now you are in the 3rd trimester or is that out of the question? I do an office job so it’s not heavy work but I can understand that working in an hospital is not like that at all and it can be so stressful and tiring too. Hang in there sweetie and make sure to take it as easy as you can!

    • Tio

      If I really had to stop or cut down work I guess I could, but I have this deranged sense of guilt that it would be unfair to my employers. Boy do I wish I had told them I’d take leave from 34 weeks instead of 36 though!

  2. My goodness!! You’ve had such a stressful past few weeks– certainly this can’t help! Glad to hear that you liked the doctor and that you’re getting everything checked out. Please try to rest when you can!