No… not that kind of showering!

I’m talking about the kind of showering that happens when some wonderful girlfriends get together to shower love on an expectant mother – and in this case, that is me!

I have to say that I did have a few qualms celebrating Bert’s imminent arrival before I actually have him safely in my arms, but three of my close friends were thoughtful enough to take the whole decision out of my hands. They simply told me where to be, at what time, and they did the rest.

It was wonderful. We had a very elegant afternoon tea, with masses of delicious food, a huge range of teas, and the cutest baby cupcakes made by one of my friends.

I got some wonderful and useful gifts and now my drawers are very well stocked. We gossiped, tasted baby food (and I’m now determined to make my own fresh baby food as much as possible – the jar stuff is horrible!), and finished off the afternoon making gingerbread houses which was barrels of fun.

And the added bonus is that we got to take our creations home and enjoy demolishing them over the next few days!



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5 responses to “Showering

  1. laura

    How exciting and how yummy do those cup cakes look!! Girl you are making me hungry!! I am happy to hear you had such a great day with your girlfriends!! By the way I want to see some pics of your nursery!!

    • Tio

      Before we can set up the nursery we have to switch bedrooms. Our current bedroom will become the baby’s room and we will move into the current spare room/study. That’s due to happen this month, then photos will follow!

  2. I am so glad you had a great time at your shower– it looks like it was so much fun. Those cupcakes are PRECIOUS!!

  3. Nicole

    Hi! I am glad you seem to be feeling good and I hope you will keep on feeling better with a little more rest. Those cupcakes look tasty and cute!

  4. I am glad to see that everything is going so well – yay!! Your baby shower looks like it was loads of fun and those cup cakes – yummo (I am going to have to rustle myself a snack!).

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting – I have been reading along and keeping track of your progress – not long to go now!!