This ain’t a massage…

Perineal massage.

What a massive misnomer.

The perineal part is right, I suppose, but there’s no way that what it entails can be considered massage. In my experience a massage involves pleasant feelings and relaxation. Sure there might be moments that are uncomfortable – working out a very tense knot of muscle, for example – but it’s a good sort of uncomfortable.

There is nothing relaxing or pleasant about perineal massage.

But. I’m persevering with it because I know that every moment of discomfort now might equate to less discomfort later – and hopefully less chance of tearing. Plus it gives me a chance to practise my breathing and relaxation techniques.

Practise makes perfect, right?


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  1. I always meant to do this, but never got around to it. 🙂 Anything you can do to make labor easier is a great idea. I was very lucky– no episiotomy and only a small tear, thank god.