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Some progress… or not?

This afternoon I started getting some uncomfortable tightenings in my belly. When I felt my tummy it certainly felt firm during the tightenings, and I (finally) diagnosed myself with Braxton Hicks contractions. Even though I know this might not indicate that labour is near, I started to get excited (and H started to get nervous!).

But as soon as I posted on Twitter that something might be happening…. nothing. The contractions – if that’s what they were – stopped. Jinxed.


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39 Weeks and 4 Days

I had my OB appointment yesterday – and still no news to share. The baby seems to be growing exponentially, and I must admit that I am a little concerned about how big this bub will be if I go over my due date. I really don’t want this 4 Kg baby to become a 4.5 Kg baby! I’m sure that is all thanks to my 6 foot 7 inch husband. However, the doc seems to think that the baby is in proportion to my height and is doesn’t think it should be an issue getting Bert out the old-fashioned way.

I asked the doc whether he thought labour was still far away because I’m not having any significant contractions and haven’t had a show but he feels that it’s totally irrelevant. It could be today, it could be in two weeks (gasp). At most it’s 13 days away because if I haven’t gone into labour by 10 days post dates he will induce me (or earlier if my blood pressure gets high, the baby gets too big, or the placenta isn’t working optimally). Thirteen days seems like a lifetime and I’m really hoping for a natural labour sometime in the next week – but we’ll all just have to wait and see. Ideally, like most women, I’m keen to avoid induction if possible. My mother had two children, both inductions, both of which became c-sections. Here’s hoping that history does not repeat!


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Sneak Peek…

… at Bert’s room. We’re still waiting on the last few items to arrive (primarily the custom crib sheets and changing mat cover from Etsy, and, well, Bert himself), but it’s starting to feel like a proper, serviceable baby’s room now.

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The joy of an organised house

After a very long day on Thursday we have made the transition and moved our bedroom into the previous spare room, and started setting up the nursery in our old room. We steam cleaned the carpets in the entire house during the process. It was exhausting, particularly for H who obviously did most of the hard work himself, with my supervision!

I feel so much more relaxed now that the bulk of the work is done. There is still some clutter that needs to be weeded through and I need to decide how I want to organise Bert’s room, so that will keep me busy for most of the weekend. I am most definitely not allowed to go into labour this weekend because my OB is not on call, but if I have the house ready by Monday I’ll be telling Bert that he’s most welcome to make his arrival!

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Update: nothing to update!

We had our 38 week check up today and everything is going well. The doc didn’t do an internal examination so I still have no idea if I’m dilated at all which is a little bit frustrating for someone like me who likes to be fully armed with information at all times. I’m being philosophical about being in the dark though because I know that having that information would not actually make it any easier to predict when Bert will arrive. As H says, he’ll come when he’s ready.

The plan is to switch all the bedroom furniture around tomorrow which means that on Thursday I’ll be able to finish setting up the nursery. Our doc isn’t on call over this coming weekend, so unless Bert chooses to arrive Friday, I’m hoping he’ll hold off until Monday! I have a feeling that he’s pretty content in there and won’t be making an appearance before his due date on the 30th. The silver lining of that is that our doc is on call the weekend I’m actually due, so if I go into labour any time between 5 days before and 6 days after my due date I’m fairly certain to get my own doctor for the delivery.


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38 Weeks and Counting

Yesterday Bert and I hit the 38 week mark. I can’t believe that H and I will be parents within the next three weeks.

Over the last few days my belly had definitely dropped, and I know that at our 36 week appointment Bert’s head was engaged in the pelvis, but I haven’t had an internal exam yet so I have no idea what’s going on in cervix town. I’m not having any noticeable contractions. At times my tummy does seem to be tightening to the touch, however I don’t really notice any convincing Braxton Hicks sensations – they’re probably happening, I’m just not very aware of it.

There are a few things we need to get done around the house before Bert arrives (just small things like setting up the entire nursery and packing our hospital bags), and we can’t start the bulk of it until H finishes night shift on Wednesday, so I’m more than happy for Bert to stay put until the end of this week. I know that in reality he may well not arrive until the first week of November, but a tiny (unrealistic) part of me would quite like him to turn up at 39 or 39 and a half weeks.

We have our next appointment on Tuesday so I should have an update then… fingers crossed for some signs of activity.

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Idle Hands

Today I am not at my best.

I’m feeling pretty frustrated. I also feel completely useless. I know that I should be making the most of the opportunity to sleep in, watch movies, and read books – these activities will go out the window once Bert makes his appearance. The truth is, I’m more than a little bored of sitting on the couch all day. I do have a list of jobs I want to get done before the birth, and I am slowly getting them done, but I’m frustrated that my body won’t allow me to do the jobs that feel the most pressing, like getting the carpets steam cleaned, or moving our furniture into the current spare room so that we can set up Bert’s nursery. I’m totally dependent on H for these activities and he doesn’t seem to have the same motivation to get them done; he’s also working night shift at the moment which makes getting anything done around the house pretty much impossible. I don’t even like to use the washing machine in case it wakes him.

I’d like to spend this waiting period doing more enjoyable things that I will soon be missing out on… long leisurely walks, day trips out to exercise my much-neglected camera, visiting museums or galleries, evenings out with my friends. But a quick trip to the supermarket leaves me exhausted and in pain. Before I put the first item in the trolley I wish I was at home again.

I haven’t left the house in… five days? Maybe longer.

I feel like instead of spending this precious time anticipating the baby’s arrival and actually making some use of my relative freedom, I’m sitting at home counting the minutes. I feel like the baby’s arrival is eons away, but at the same time I don’t see how I can possibly achieve everything I want to before he arrives. There is only so much you can do with a couch, a laptop, and a mobile phone.

I feel incredibly lucky to be past the 37 week mark, to know that in the matter of a few short weeks I will meet my child. But in the meantime… ohhh I’m so bored!!


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Getting to Know My Couch

It is disgraceful that I’ve been home on leave for more than two weeks and still haven’t written a post about how I ended up on leave earlier than planned. Bad blogger!

I turned 30 on September 20th. In an unusually fortuitous piece of rostering, I had a four-day weekend over my birthday. In an even more surprising turn of events, H had the same four days off work. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. Fours days off, together, and over my birthday? Unbelievable.

I had a lovely weekend, filled with several birthday celebrations, including my first surprise party (which I truly did not see coming – I am thoroughly gullible). Lovely H went to a lot of effort including decorating with balloons and streamers, which is not something my macho husband has done before. My girlfriends totally spoiled me with not one but two girls-only birthday events. It was wonderful.

The downside was that I was physically much more active than I should have been. I knew that I was pushing my limits, but darn it, I’m only going to turn 30 once and I was determined to make the most of it! Work had already become a struggle – the 10 hour shifts, spent largely on my feet with lots of bending and moving, were pretty difficult on my pelvis. I was truly dreading returning to work on the Wednesday afternoon after my long weekend.

Luckily I didn’t have to!

I had my 34 week OB appointment on Wednesday morning. The moment my doc saw me waddling and wincing my way into his office he flat-out banned me from returning to work. I have to admit that I felt hugely relieved. I’d been dreaming of taking early leave ever since my pelvic instability was diagnosed, but to be honest I felt too guilty. I was rostered to work up until 36 weeks, and I guess I didn’t want to feel like I was wimping out and leaving my colleagues in the lurch. Having the doctor take the decision out of my hands took all of the pressure off me. I went into work after my appointment and was able to tell them that, rather than not coping with work, I wasn’t allowed to work. (And the added benefit is that the extra time off was sick leave rather than coming out of my maternity leave).

I quickly realised that there was simply no way I would have coped with the 80 hours of work I had been rostered to work over the 10 days following my appointment. After my birthday weekend and several weeks of powering-on through work when I really should have been taking it easy my body simply gave up. I spent the first 3 days in bed or on the couch, sleeping frequently, and infrequently painfully hobbling to the kitchen or bathroom. I felt truly disgusting. I’d been ‘keeping-on keeping-on’ for weeks, and now that I had the chance to rest, my body went on strike.

The good news is that after that much-needed period of rest I did regain a little mobility. I’m still in pain every day, but it is mostly manageable and I’m sleeping well enough at night that I rarely need an afternoon nap. I do spent a fair amount of time getting to know my couch while reading or watching DVDs, but to be honest on some days I really enjoy the enforced laziness. Although I am only allowed to use the 5 stairs to our front door once a day, that does allow me a few trips to a friend’s place, the movies, or out for a meal. With the silver lining being that I have totally given up all responsibility for vacuuming and taking the rubbish out!


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