Idle Hands

Today I am not at my best.

I’m feeling pretty frustrated. I also feel completely useless. I know that I should be making the most of the opportunity to sleep in, watch movies, and read books – these activities will go out the window once Bert makes his appearance. The truth is, I’m more than a little bored of sitting on the couch all day. I do have a list of jobs I want to get done before the birth, and I am slowly getting them done, but I’m frustrated that my body won’t allow me to do the jobs that feel the most pressing, like getting the carpets steam cleaned, or moving our furniture into the current spare room so that we can set up Bert’s nursery. I’m totally dependent on H for these activities and he doesn’t seem to have the same motivation to get them done; he’s also working night shift at the moment which makes getting anything done around the house pretty much impossible. I don’t even like to use the washing machine in case it wakes him.

I’d like to spend this waiting period doing more enjoyable things that I will soon be missing out on… long leisurely walks, day trips out to exercise my much-neglected camera, visiting museums or galleries, evenings out with my friends. But a quick trip to the supermarket leaves me exhausted and in pain. Before I put the first item in the trolley I wish I was at home again.

I haven’t left the house in… five days? Maybe longer.

I feel like instead of spending this precious time anticipating the baby’s arrival and actually making some use of my relative freedom, I’m sitting at home counting the minutes. I feel like the baby’s arrival is eons away, but at the same time I don’t see how I can possibly achieve everything I want to before he arrives. There is only so much you can do with a couch, a laptop, and a mobile phone.

I feel incredibly lucky to be past the 37 week mark, to know that in the matter of a few short weeks I will meet my child. But in the meantime… ohhh I’m so bored!!



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2 responses to “Idle Hands

  1. AL

    37 weeks!! your baby is going to be here before you know it – just hang in there, not much longer at all. V. exciting!

  2. I can’t believe that you’re 37 weeks already– Bert is coming so soon!

    I know that it’s frustrating to not be able to complete all of those last minute tasks– I wasn’t on bedrest, but I simply did not have much energy in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and Rob certainly wasn’t motivated like I was to get things done! Try to make a plan with H to knock at least one thing off of your to-do list each day.

    And as far as sleep goes, every kept telling me to sleep while I could, but I rarely did. I was too uncomfortable (and sick with a sinus infection) to get any real rest in the final weeks. Guess it’s nature’s way of preparing us for life with a newborn!

    Hang in there, B! Not long now!