Update: nothing to update!

We had our 38 week check up today and everything is going well. The doc didn’t do an internal examination so I still have no idea if I’m dilated at all which is a little bit frustrating for someone like me who likes to be fully armed with information at all times. I’m being philosophical about being in the dark though because I know that having that information would not actually make it any easier to predict when Bert will arrive. As H says, he’ll come when he’s ready.

The plan is to switch all the bedroom furniture around tomorrow which means that on Thursday I’ll be able to finish setting up the nursery. Our doc isn’t on call over this coming weekend, so unless Bert chooses to arrive Friday, I’m hoping he’ll hold off until Monday! I have a feeling that he’s pretty content in there and won’t be making an appearance before his due date on the 30th. The silver lining of that is that our doc is on call the weekend I’m actually due, so if I go into labour any time between 5 days before and 6 days after my due date I’m fairly certain to get my own doctor for the delivery.



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4 responses to “Update: nothing to update!

  1. How did I not realize the due date was so soon!? Oh my goodness..Is it bad to say I hope Bert waits til Halloween? That would be awesome. I’m so excited for you…Keep us updated!!

    • Tio

      Oh my gosh, I’ve said all along that it would be awesome if Bert arrived on Halloween. It’s not as big a deal here as it is in the US but I’ve always loved any excuse for a costume. Just think about all the great Halloween themed birthday parties!

  2. AL

    wow, you are so close, it’s amazing. A halloween baby would be so cool!!!

  3. Nicole

    Last few weeks or maybe even days! You’re almost there. I hope your pelvic instability is not getting any worse, and that you can actually enjoy this time a little bit. Thank you btw for the ‘idle hands’ post. It shows very eloquently that this last stretch of pregnancy is not always pleasant. But it’ll be worth it! (Waiting for no. 2 to arrive, due october 30th). Nicole