39 Weeks and 4 Days

I had my OB appointment yesterday – and still no news to share. The baby seems to be growing exponentially, and I must admit that I am a little concerned about how big this bub will be if I go over my due date. I really don’t want this 4 Kg baby to become a 4.5 Kg baby! I’m sure that is all thanks to my 6 foot 7 inch husband. However, the doc seems to think that the baby is in proportion to my height and is doesn’t think it should be an issue getting Bert out the old-fashioned way.

I asked the doc whether he thought labour was still far away because I’m not having any significant contractions and haven’t had a show but he feels that it’s totally irrelevant. It could be today, it could be in two weeks (gasp). At most it’s 13 days away because if I haven’t gone into labour by 10 days post dates he will induce me (or earlier if my blood pressure gets high, the baby gets too big, or the placenta isn’t working optimally). Thirteen days seems like a lifetime and I’m really hoping for a natural labour sometime in the next week – but we’ll all just have to wait and see. Ideally, like most women, I’m keen to avoid induction if possible. My mother had two children, both inductions, both of which became c-sections. Here’s hoping that history does not repeat!



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2 responses to “39 Weeks and 4 Days

  1. I am glad all is going well .. you are not too far now even if I know it feels a lifetime away!! I remember being 40 weeks and thinking if it would ever happen..the last weeks of pregnancy felt like the 2ww!! I was induced but it didn’t end up being a c-section so there is hope even if you are induced that it might be a natural birth! Thinking of you!

  2. AL

    Hope baby comes very soon!!