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WCG – One Month Old



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A Timely Reminder

Since the Wee Man was born, I have already felt some of the fear and pain associated with infertility seeping out of me. Now that we have our precious boy safe and sound, I can feel more confident that when we decide to get back on the TTC wagon we will once again be successful. In IF terms, we had a pretty easy ride the first time along – we were successful with only our second medicated cycle. It’s no guarantee of course, but I know that with a little help my body can conceive and carry a child, and that’s reassuring. (My body doesn’t seem to know how to deliver a child, but that’s a story for another post!)

In the early hours of this morning though, I had a reminder of just how sad and scared I felt back at the beginning of this pregnancy. When I started bleeding a few days after our positive pregnancy test, my husband was at a work training course. I called him in tears, and he was understandably upset. We both thought our dream was over.

This training course was a pretty big deal for H. He had waited a long time to get a place on it, and it was a compulsory step in order to move his career in the direction he desired. H confided in two of the instructors, who gave him some wonderful support and advice and promptly sent him home to me, reassuring H that his absence would be ‘unofficial’ and would not affect the completion of the course.

In the early hours of this morning as I lay in bed in the heat, trying to fall back to sleep after feeding my beautiful little fellow, I checked my emails on my phone. H had forwarded me two emails – replies from the two instructors to an email H had sent them letting them know that Will had arrived safely.

It brought tears to my eyes. Firstly for the kindness they showed H at that difficult time, and for how genuinely pleased they are for us now. Secondly because in reading what H wrote to them in his thank you I was reminded of just how awful those few days were. My big tough man who rarely gets sad had described himself as ‘heartbroken’.

And now, as I hear my babe waking from his morning nap, I am reminded of just how lucky we are.

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Will’s Room

I never got around to posting pictures of the nursery, because Will arrived before the final items for his room. Finally everything is in place!

I still get a thrill from pulling open his drawers and seeing all the neatly folded baby clothes, or pulling one of my favourite childhood books off his bookshelf.

Goodness only knows where I am going to put all those stuffed toys once Will graduates to sleeping in his crib!

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Photo Post: A few of Will’s firsts

First hand-hold

First trip outside

First bath


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Flying Solo

…Well, not quite solo.

My mother has been here for the past week, helping out with Will. She headed back to New Zealand yesterday, and I have to admit that I was a little nervous about our first night as a threesome, without that extra pair of helping (and experienced) hands.

Luckily the night went pretty well. Will woke more than usual, needing to be fed at 1.30am, 5am, and 8.30am, but it was a pretty good night. He has put on stacks of weight in the last week so I’m sure that accounts for his increased food needs. He has put on 520 grams in the last 8 days! For comparison, the average baby puts on 120 grams a week.

What a little greedy guts we have!

Will enjoying a cuddle from his grandmother

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Precious Boy

Our gorgeous wee boy Will arrived on October 29th via emergency c-section. He’s wonderful, healthy and growing fast and sleeping 5 or 6 hour stretches some nights (not bad for an eight day old baby!).

I will write more once I have the chance, but in the meantime, here’s his mugshot:


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