Mummy Freak Out Number 847

I’ve had plenty of freak outs since the babe came home. Do I have enough breast milk for him? (Yes). Should he sleep in our room or his? (His). Is he warm enough? (Hard to know, but he hasn’t developed frostbite yet). Is he too warm? (Probably but there’s not much I can do about stupid 35 degree days – that’s celsius, before you conclude that I have clearly lost my mind worrying about overheating my baby in 35 degrees F).

Today I added another one to the list.

My wee man usually only cat-naps during the day. He’s generally a pretty good sleeper at night, but in the last few weeks he rarely has more than two or three 15 – 40 minute naps during the day – and it can be struggle to even get him down for that long.

Today, surprised at how long he’s been quietly hanging out in his crib (he went down at 10:50, woke briefly at 11:45, and is currently still asleep at 13:15) I felt the need to creep into his room to make sure he was, ya know, breathing and all that.

He was.

In fact I didn’t even need to creep right up and try desperately to see his little chest moving under all his blankets (it’s bizarrely cold today, for summer). The wee man was clearly dreaming about meal-time and was making the most adorable sucking faces in his sleep.

If he’s dreaming I figure it’s safe to assume he’s breathing, so I got the hell out of there before I accidentally woke him up.



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3 responses to “Mummy Freak Out Number 847

  1. Tio

    Can I just add: WOW! Two posts in one day. I don’t even recognise myself.

  2. On more than one occasion I’ve poked D to see if he moved, even now!

    Having a baby in summer is the pits, last year I worked myself into a tizzy on a daily basis because of the heat. Get a room thermometer (the avent one is fine – it works for the bath too) and an ergopouch sleeping bag (or ergococoon if he still startles) – they have this fab temperature guide that says if the room temperature is X than baby should be in BagA with Yclothes… totally saved my sanity. Plus they’re bamboo which is an amazing fabric.