How Will made his entry to this world: The third installment

So, an emergency c-section it was to be. My doctor made the pronouncement and somehow, despite knowing that I hadn’t dilated at all over a total of 16 hours of  labour, I was still surprised.

I waited for the doctor to leave the room before I cried on my husband’s shoulder.

I was scared – not about the operation itself, but about the implications. I was devastated that I would miss that initial skin-to-skin contact with my bub; I was worried about the impact it might have on breastfeeding; I was concerned about the effect recovering from surgery would have on my ability to care for my child.

I let myself feel sad for about a minute – about all the time I could afford. The baby’s heart rate was just starting to show signs of some distress, and within twenty minutes of the decision being made I was being wheeled into theatre. I accepted things for what they were – I sure as hell wanted to meet this baby, and a c-section was the only way it was going to happen. At this point my earlier decision to have the epidural seemed like great wisdom. All they had to do was top it off and then break out the scalpels! I joked with the anaesthetist, told H that he wasn’t to take his eyes off the baby for one moment until I was reunited with them, and frantically reminded him to take some photos, and then… a cry. A wonderful cry. I was so intent on listening to the sound of my baby that I totally missed hearing the sex being announced. I had to ask H who told me it was a boy and instantly I thought “of course, I knew all along that it was a boy”.

As soon as we saw the baby we thought two things. (1) He looked remarkably like H, and (2) he looked like a William. And you know what, the whole experience wasn’t that bad. Yes I spent 90 minutes away from my baby while I was in recovery, but gee I needed that rest! Yes, I underwent fairly major surgery, but I recovered remarkably quickly and had few issues with pain. And Will and H had some wonderful bonding time together.

When I left recovery I was wheeled into our room… and I saw my stoic, manly husband holding our child while tears ran down his face. In the ten years I have known H I have never seen him cry.

Best. Moment. Of. My. Life.

Later, when the dust had settled, H and I thanked our stars that we were in a situation in which a c-section was readily available. Had we faced this situation a few hundred years ago or today in some parts of the world, neither Will nor I would be here today. What a sobering thought.



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5 responses to “How Will made his entry to this world: The third installment

  1. ahypochondriactryingtogetpregnant

    Oh now you’ve just made me cry. Thanks for sharing that x

  2. I can’t believe you had to be in recovery without Will! did you go public? I went private and D and I had skin-to-skin from about 2 mins after he was pulled from me – he was on my chest immediately after his stats were taken and the midwife even told H off for holding him while I vomited. H was by my side from after the epi went in right through it as well, not that I was very lucid during recovery, poor man was so worried watching me swim in and out of consciousness with D snuggled up inside my top.

    So beautiful that your hubby cried 🙂

    • Tio

      No it was private. I’m really interested by your story. I’ve been at quite a few c-sections and the baby has always been separated from Mum. I never really thought it was necessary and it was one of the things I was most worried about. It’s great you got to snuggle with D. I might ask for that next time!

  3. What a beautiful birth story– I am so sorry that you labored for so long without progressing past 1cm but I am thrilled that you had a smooth delivery via c-section.

    The best moment of my delivery was seeing Rob cry as soon as Liam was born. Priceless.

    I thought a lot about how lucky I was in Liam’s delivery– that the doctor knew he was sunny side up and could reach in to turn him when he wasn’t dropping like he should have. I’ve also thought a lot about how lucky I was to be able to see an RE to get pregnant– if this was years ago, we might have had to remain childless. The thought is heartbreaking– I am so lucky.

    Keep all of the beautiful pics coming. Much love to you, H and Will!

  4. This has been such a fun birthing journey to follow! Thanks for putting it all together and sharing it with us!