A Promise

 I really, truly, am going to start making the effort to blog more – and real posts, not just some photos with a few words thrown in. But, um, I’m not going to start with this post.


The three-month milestone is less than a week away, and I will have a post up in recognition of the event.

Unless, ya know, everything goes pear-shaped.



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3 responses to “A Promise

  1. It’s so hard to find the time… I resolved to blog more and I was doing so well for the first few weeks of the year. Then, I looked today and realized it had been almost two weeks since my last post. Shame on me!

    If you don’t have time to write, just keep the pictures coming. We love them!

  2. K

    Don’t rush it, you’ll find time when you need to, for now just enjoy 😀 I think it was almost 11 months before I got to semi-regular blogging again 😀

  3. AL

    he is so, so cute.