Half a Year

Where has the time gone? My boy is six months old and I cannot believe it.

In the last 3 months he has become such a giggly, happy little boy. He has two teeth, he stands on his own (with the help of some furniture to hold on to!), he loves peek-a-boo and tickles, eats solid food like a champ, drinks out of a sippy cup all on his own, and still hates getting dressed! He finally takes decent naps through the day, sometimes as long as 2.5 or 3 hours. We are all so much happier as a result!

He has developed a distinct personality. He occassionally feels the need to exert his independence and I can see the signs that he’ll be pretty good at throwing tantrums in his terrible twos.

He is a person in his own right. A person. It blows me away.


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One response to “Half a Year

  1. he is just edible. It’s amazing, right, Your sweet little baby being a person with his own thoughts and feelings and he’s slowly finding a way to let you know about them. I love watching D develop, grow and change. He’s such a little boy now.