Fathers’ Non-Day and the Pinterest Challenge

Tomorrow is Fathers’ Day in this corner of the world.

Unfortunately H is working all weekend, so it will sort of be a non-day in this household. To be honest I think I’m more upset about it than he is, but I still wish we could do something special as a family. However, we will make of it what we can. H has conveniently already bought himself a (rather expensive!) present to mark the occasion, which doesn’t leave me with much to do. I’m going to make him a yummy lunch with all his favourite things and drop it off to him at work, but I also wanted him to have a little present he could open.

I was inspired by Christina‘s pin and have made a photo montage for H, but instead of framing it I had it printed on a mug for H to use at work. Conveniently, this little project can double as my entry in the Pinterest Challenge!

Step 1: Bought chunky cardboard letters to spell out D-A-D, and some spray paint.

Step 2: Painted them! This was so much easier and less messy than I anticipated. (I also painted some other items for a different project.)

Step 3: Set up a little ‘mini-studio’ in Will’s room using a black back-drop, gave Will one letter at a time and started snapping!

Step 4: Chose the best shots (this was the hardest part because Will wasn’t having a particularly smiley day!) and used GIMP to merge the photos. (Check out the ‘A’ photo – how could I not love that cheeky little monkey?)

Step 5: Got online at harvernorman.com.au and ordered the mug! Simple!

In retrospect I would have made the photo smaller – and perhaps put one on each side of the mug – so that the entire word DAD could be read from one angle. But! I’m still happy with the outcome. I hope H will be too. It’s a little corny… but then isn’t that what Fathers’ Day is all about?



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3 responses to “Fathers’ Non-Day and the Pinterest Challenge

  1. This is absolutely PERFECT. I LOVE IT! I saw you tweet abt Fathers Day recently & was confused- I didn’t realize that you guys celebrate on a different day!

    I can’t wait to do something similar with the boys next year!

  2. Esperanza

    What a wonderful mug! I love it! I might steal parts of that idea sometime in the future. Maybe for my grandmother. She would ADORE a mug like that.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey! I love love love it!! Thanks for entering, I went ahead and manually added your pin to the link up. It is so cute!