Change – Part II

The move is complete.

We’re settled in the new house and we’re all enjoying it. Will loves having free access to the oh-so-toddler-friendly courtyard and we are literally next door to two parks. (And we finally have our internet reconnected!)

We have a lovely little routine going on. I’m happy. I’m settled. And in 5 days that all changes. In 5 days I start work.

I finally signed my contract. I’ve even been to the hospital to organise my ID badge.

Holy crap, this is really happening.

I still have the same anxieties about the job and the study it will require, but in some ways I guess I’m feeling more confident about the transition.

I wrote in this post about how accepting this job also meant moving house and starting Will in day care, and I had some regrets and concerns about both those things, but the good news is that now that these transitions are behind us  I’m feeling much more comfortable with our choices in those areas.

I was reluctant to leave a geographical area that I liked for one that I was not very familiar with. I do miss my old familiar haunts. I miss that H could be home 5 minutes after finishing work and sometimes popped in during the day (we now each have a 25 minute commute in opposite directions); I miss my close friend from my mothers’ group who lived just around the corner and who I saw almost every day; I miss being able to walk to Will’s weekly swimming lessons.

BUT. I’m happy in our new suburb. It’s different, yes. But I’m comfortable here (which has nothing to do with the fact that I have found 4 cafes serving great coffee all within a 5 to 10 minute walk. Okay, it’s not just about that). We like the house, and we like the area, and the move went as smoothly as these things can, all of which equal one less thing to worry about.

The transition to day care is also going fairly well. We had Will wait-listed at 4 centres, and for a while it didn’t seem he was going to get a spot at any of them which caused a significant amount of anxiety. I was furiously brain-storming other options when I got a call to say that he had a place at our preferred centre – I’m sure you can imagine my huge sigh of relief!

We started orientation a week after moving and I’m really happy with how it’s going.

Keen to get out our front door on his first day at school

The centre is great and Will’s teacher is lovely. He gets a little upset when I drop him off but he settles within a minute or so. There were some issues with separation anxiety during the first week which affected Will settling for sleep but that has resolved now. He plays with his little friends, gets cheeky with his teachers, and even naps on his own little mattress – something which I thought would be a real challenge.

I don’t want to minimise the difficulties. I miss him dreadfully while he’s at day care and I still have some guilt – and sadness – about not being home with him every day, but at least now I know that he is happy there, and that’s a huge weight off my mind.

From next week he will be at day care 3 days a week, with his baby sitter for one day a week, and with his dad for one day a week. H has been able to cut down to 4 days a week at work for which I am incredibly thankful. I only wish that I could do the same!

To be honest, I’m still terrified. There are still so many unknowns, but I guess only time will tell….


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  1. Esperanza

    I’m so glad that things are looking up, that the move went well and you feel comfortable in your new house. I’m glad W is liking day care and seems happy there. I’m sure it will be stressful to start your new job but it seems like your in a good place to do it. Good luck next week!