The Two Week Wait

No, not that two week wait.

Tomorrow marks two weeks until my exams start. And this TWW is going to be oh-so-painful. I’ve been studying since February and a few weeks ago I ran out of steam. I just don’t want to do it anymore, but there is so much still to learn.

I don’t think I’m going to pass. Which isn’t the end of the world – I can sit again in April (you know, once I pay another $3,000 for the privilege) – but it still doesn’t feel good. I know my colleagues and supervisors are expecting me to pass. My family are expecting me to pass. I’ve never not passed anything in my life.

The problem with not passing is that I will have to sacrifice another 6 months to intensive study. Six months I’d rather spend reconnecting up with all my long-neglected friends, devoting some time to my relationship, trying to get better at my job. Six months during which I’d rather spend more of my time with this fellow:


I miss this kid.


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  1. Rhianna

    I know this has been a really long, exasperating journey for you, friend. I am wishing you lots of peace these next two weeks, and I’m wishing you heaps and heaps of luck on your exams. I know you may feel defeated before the exams have begun, but if I may remind you: you are intelligent and strong and capable. Truth. XX