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Gettin’ My Craft On

It’s T-7 days until Will’s (very small and simple) birthday barbecue so I have been getting busy making a few small things to personalise the event.

I’m still waiting for some stuff that I’ve ordered to arrive (please get here on time, please) but I’m keeping it pretty simple so hopefully there won’t be a last minute panic to get things done. Because, you know, I just don’t do last minute panic 😉

Will loves all things vehicular, particularly construction vehicles, so there’s a very loose theme based around construction vehicles and the colours navy, orange, white and grey.


Party bag tags

And I’m going to attempt a cake inspired by this, but with a blue digger on top (if it arrives in time, that is).

I’m going to throw a whole stack of kids toys in one end of the courtyard, and a bucket ‘o beer at the other for the adults. There are going to be lots of balloons  because, well, they’re easy, cheap and effective, and I’m lazy. Everybody pray for good weather because I can’t imagine how we’ll fit everyone in our small living area if it rains.



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Wordless Wednesday: Fun in the Sun


October 10, 2012 · 12:27 pm