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A dull space, made a little brighter

This space has been pretty dull lately huh?

I’m not going to apologise – it is what it is. I could talk about how busy I am and how difficult it is to fit blogging into my schedule – but plenty of bloggy mothers do it, even those who work full-time or have more than one baby (or in Erin’s case, work full-time and have more than one baby!)

The fact is, I write when I’m full of angst, and lately angst has been thankfully absent.

Sure, there have been a few ideas for posts floating around my head. I start writing them mentally, but just don’t seem to have the same urge to sit down at the computer to write.

I do want you to know that I still read your blogs on a daily basis. My Reader is finally up-to-date and I love catching up with you guys. I may not be commenting as much, but I promise I am reading, cheering, commiserating, crying and laughing with you all. I think about every one of you – Every. Single. Day.

Speaking of laughing, here’s a little pick-me-up to brighten your day…



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A Promise

 I really, truly, am going to start making the effort to blog more – and real posts, not just some photos with a few words thrown in. But, um, I’m not going to start with this post.


The three-month milestone is less than a week away, and I will have a post up in recognition of the event.

Unless, ya know, everything goes pear-shaped.


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Naughty Girl

I’ve been a bad, bad girl. I only participated in the first 2 days of ICLW, and then night shift and trying to catch up on sleep got in the way. Sigh, why does ICLW always seem to coincide with a horrible work week? I do appreciate the comments lefts by everyone who stopped by during ICLW, and I did find some new blogs to follow, so all is not lost!

I’ve also been a very bad blogger, and I haven’t posted in… years. I’ll try to squeeze a post in this afternoon, if I got all my chores done first! In the meantime, I am reading. I haven’t forgotten about any of you, I promise!

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That Time of the Month

What is every IF girl’s favourite time of the month?

(A) CD1

(B) The day the medical bills are due to be paid

(C) The 2WW


I don’t know about you, but my favourite time is ICLW – our chance to get out there and spread the love, and get some in return.

I’m Tio, and I’m currently knocked up after struggling with PCOS and a pituitary adenoma. Check out The Beginning to find out more about me. And WELCOME!


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The post that proves that I should not be allowed credit cards…

 I logged onto my blog the other day and was horrified to realise that it had been two weeks since I’d last posted – where does the time go? A lot has happened to my bloggy friends in those two weeks. A pregnancy has ended, another has started. Milestones have been reached and cycles have been cancelled. I just wanted to reassure you all that I have been reading, even if I haven’t been writing much, and that everything is still going well in my world.

The nausea has definitely settled down, at least until yesterday when I had a surprise attack of the vomits in the shower. Hopefully that’s the last one! The nausea has been replaced by an almost constant headache. Apart from a couple of days when it has been really bad, the headaches are much easier to handle than the nausea was, so all-in-all it’s an improvement. I still have to be careful not to activate my all-too-eager gag reflex while brushing my teeth, and I’m still getting pregnancy pimples and The Wonderful Mr Sour Mouth, but I feel decidedly more human than I did a few weeks ago.

I reached the twelve-week mark yesterday (and there’s a new photo up too, so that in a few months I can look back and remember what my belly button looked like as an innie), and tomorrow we have our NT scan. I am both nervous and excited.

Although I can still technically fit into most of my regular clothes, they are not very comfortable, or flattering. Last week I headed out (quite excitedly, I must say) to buy a few “transition” items of maternity clothing to get me through the next month or two. I have to say that I was surprised by what was available, and not in a good way. I know back in the ‘olden days’ (the 1980s, for example) maternity clothes were not particularly stylish, and were designed more to cover up as much of that tell-tale bump as possible. Rather like a hessian sack, and often in a similar fabric. But I thought that times had changed. I’ve known pregnant women who have managed to look quite stylish, and I’ve had my eye on a couple of stores that always seem to have something cute in the window. So I don’t really understand why I had trouble finding anything decent. The first store I went to looked pretty good from the outside, but once I got in it was a different story. How hard is it to get a simple t-shirt right? It seems that cut and fabric go right out the window once you add the word ‘maternity’ to the name. The fabrics were largely awful, synthetic and horrible against the skin. The cuts weren’t much better. I understand that pregnant women can put on weight in places other than their belly, but really – do we need shirts with sleeves wide enough to fit three arms in? And for the love of god, if you’re going to use so much fabric on the sleeves, at least make them long enough to actually reach the wrists, rather than finishing one inch above them! Every thing I tried on made me feel at least 10 years older than I am; I felt like I was playing dress-up in my grandmother’s clothes. And the most basic tank tops started at $55 – what?!

I headed three suburbs away to another store that I was sure would have better stock – and thankfully it did. But of the dozen items I tried on, only three looked decent enough that I actually bought them. So now I am the proud owner of a pair of maternity jeans, a pair of leggings (most. comfortable. things. ever.) and a long-sleeve t-shirt. And all for the bargain price of $440. No, that’s not a typo, I didn’t mean $44.00. I spent $440. To be fair, I bought a pair of jeans that cost $300. I made the mistake of trying them on without first checking the price, and they just looked so much better than the other (somewhat) cheaper pairs. And they’re from Italy! Made in Milan, no less. But oh please, puh-lease don’t tell H – he just wouldn’t understand.

I’m hoping that with these new additions I can survive with my non-maternity tunic tops and dresses for another few months… otherwise I’m going to end up spending more on maternity clothes than on our obstetrician bill. Sigh.


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A Rant, about a Comment, about a Rant

Jin over at The Truth is Out There wrote an interesting post about pregnant women complaining about their pregnancy symptoms – check it out. There has been some commenting going backwards and forwards about a particular comment on this post, which I have copied below (apologies that I didn’t get the author’s approval, but I don’t know who you are!):

 I dont know… you seem to be intimating that complaining about pregnancy symptoms equates to loving or appreciating your unborn child less. I dont see the correlation. If you feel terrible, why shouldn’t you be able to voice that? I dont think appreciating your pregnancy in any way relates to if you do or do not voice your discomfort with regards to pregnancy symptoms.

I had already commented on Jin’s post and started to comment about this comment too, when I realised I was writing a novel and it would be better off in a post of its own.

I have to say, I do tend to agree with the anonymous commenter. It’s pointless to complain volubly and continuously about anything – be it morning sickness, a head cold, or work stress. It just doesn’t achieve anything. But sometimes, when you feel awful, there’s nothing wrong with saying so. The catharsis is important and it’s a way to seek some support.

Everyone has different opinions on this issue (just like any other) – and that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion – that’s what makes us human! And I like the fact that we can share these opinions, and have lively discussions about our differences. But I feel a bit bad for this commenter who I thought was perfectly polite and respectful – just voicing an individual opinion, like we all do every time we comment or blog. It’s a bit rough to accuse them of “bitching and moaning” just because they have a different opinion from yours.

I accept that I’m biased here – I have struggled with morning sickness for the past month and I do complain at times. Sometimes I need to be able to Tweet that I feel awful, before I can find the strength to get up off the floor and get back to work. Sometimes I need to tell my husband that I’m struggling so that he can help me out. And yes, I’m infertile. Being an infertile pregnant might make me more appreciative of my pregnancy, but it doesn’t lessen the impact of terrible symptoms.

I think the important thing to think about here is that there’s a big difference in pointlessly and frequently complaining while being unappreciative, and stating that you feel like crap while still being grateful for the pregnancy.

I think we need to be very careful here. I think it puts a whole load more pressure on a group of already very stressed out women to start implying that they shouldn’t have the chance to vent or seek their friends’ support when their pregnancy symptoms get tough. Isn’t the whole point of this internet community to support and understand each other?

I’d be interested in your opinions, whether they agree with my own or not.


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A Shout-Out to the Blogosphere

 Thank you so much to everyone who left supportive messages for me on my last post, newbies and regulars alike. Your comments really did help.

I’m feeling more hopeful at the moment. I felt dreadful and so terrified for the first 24 hours, but in the last 24 hours the spotting has decreased and I have started enjoying being pregnant again. I have to admit that writing these words makes me a bit nervous… I feel a bit like I’m tempting fate.

That being said, I felt positive enough this evening to fill in the registration form for my obstetrician that I received in the mail, something that I have been putting off for the last two days.

So… fingers crossed!


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